Mekong Trafficking Report Uncovers Mental Health, Abuse Issues

A recent study provides findings on the health risks and physical and psychological consequences of men, women and children in post-trafficking services in Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam.

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Aiding Ethiopian Minors to Return Home

IOM helps 125 Ethiopians – many of them unaccompanied minors – to return home from Tanzania and Yemen.

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Helping Conflict-Affected Families in Iraq

IOM distributes tents to families displaced by recent military operations in villages in Multaquh and Yachay sub-districts, Kirkuk Governorate in Iraq

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Who are Your #MigrantHeroes?

Join us in telling their stories to the world through our #MigrantHeroes campaign! In many parts of the world, there is an increasingly negative perception of migrants and their contributions to society. We urgently need to change the lens through which people view migration.

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Name your #MigrantHero