IOM Migrant Assistance Division: Annual Report

Posted on Fri, Jul-12-2013

Switzerland - IOM’s Migrant Assistance Division in 2012 helped over 100,000 migrants from 191 countries through 426 active projects in 57 host countries. This was 70 per cent more migrants than in 2011.

The Division provides technical expertise in areas including migration policy, administrative and operational practices and procedures, training and direct assistance. Its key areas of focus include assisted voluntary return and reintegration, and protection of and assistance to vulnerable migrants, including victims of trafficking and unaccompanied migrant children.

Of the total number of migrants assisted, 77 per cent were male and 23 per cent were female. 87 per cent were adults and 13 per cent were children. Most were either failed asylum seekers, people who had overstayed their visas, or irregular migrants stranded in the European Economic Area who asked for IOM assistance to return home. Some 1,759 people also asked for IOM help to return home from Mexico and Canada.

IOM provided more information and counseling to migrants seeking assisted voluntary return than ever before. It also increased post-arrival reintegration assistance, including helping them to find jobs, generate income, get education and vocational training, and access services.

In 2012 IOM also assisted 6,499 victims of human trafficking, 45 per cent of whom were subjected to various forms of forced labour – in agriculture, construction and other sectors. 20 per cent were victims of sexual exploitation, which represents a 7 per cent decline from the previous year.

While the majority of trafficking victims assisted by IOM were adults, the Organization also helped 1,827 trafficked children – mainly in Central America. Their needs included safe shelter, medical and psychosocial support, legal assistance – including help to resolve irregular immigration status – transport, and help with education, training, employment and the establishment of small businesses.

As of the end of December 2012, IOM’s database of assisted victims of human trafficking contained primary data for 20,000 beneficiaries in 85 source and 100 destination countries.

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