New migration statistics in Italy show overwhelmingly positive impact

Posted on Tue, Nov-19-2013

Italy - Figures presented during the recent launch of the new “Statistical Dossier on Immigration” by the Italian National Office Against Racial Discrimination (UNAR) and the IDOS Study and Research Centre show there are more than five million migrants currently residing in Italy.

The migrants, who represent 7.4 per cent of the Italian population, contribute 12 per cent of the country’s GDP and pay EUR 13.3 billion annually in tax.

Other data highlighted in the report shows that nearly 80,000 children were born to migrant parents in Italy last year and the number of foreign enterprises in in the country rose by 5.4 per cent. According to the report, some 53.3 per cent of migrants living in Italy are Christians, while 32.9 are Muslims.

The “Statistical Dossier on Immigration” is issued every year to record the impact of migration in Italy and issues related to migration.  This year’s report has a specific focus on racial discrimination, which has been recorded in many sectors.

IOM supports UNAR and IDOS by participating in the Scientific Committee of the publication. It also drafted two chapters - one on the IOM World Migration Report and the other on the number of Stay Permits not renewed in 2012. IOM also participated in presentation events held in Milan and Palermo.

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