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An intergovernmental organization established in 1951, IOM is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society.

  • 157 Members and more than 100 observers
  • More than 480 field locations
  • More than 8,400 staff working on more than 2,600 projects
  • More than US$ 1.3 billion expenditures in 2013

Warning - Internet Scams

Beware of fraudulent offers of migration assistance in the internet or email marketing.

Individuals considering migrating for whatever purpose or destination should take extreme caution in dealing with internet offers or email marketing in light of recent surge in fraudulent schemes.

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International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Tela'a al Ali, Suhayl Al-Majdoubah Street
Building number 12
(Opposite the university hospital, beside the Arab Society College)

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 4880
Amman 11953

Tel: +962.6 562 5080
Fax: +962.6 562 5081




Jordan has been both a country of origin and destination for migrant workers. From the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, hundreds of thousands of well-educated and highly skilled Jordanians migrated for employment mainly to oil-producing countries. During the same period, the country introduced policies favoring the immigration and Jordan thus became a labour recipient of semi-skilled workers from Egypt, Syria and Asian countries to meet the needs of its agrarian, semi-industrial and service-oriented economy. Due to its strategic location at the crossroads of two major areas of instability and protracted conflict in the Middle East, the country has been involved in major humanitarian emergencies and has had to cope with massive influxes of refugees and migrant workers fleeing conflict areas. In addition to receiving Palestinians, Jordan has also hosted forced migrants from Lebanon during the 1975–1991 civil war and Iraq during and after the 1991 gulf war.

The latest escalation of violence in Iraq, after the 2003 second gulf war, drastically raised the number of Iraqis fleeing and residing in Jordan to an estimated over 750,000, increasing the pressure on government authorities, economic and social infrastructures and local communities, and requiring the attention of the international community. To alleviate this pressure, IOM provides specific services to the Jordanian government to manage this unexpected migration situation and assist government counterparts in developing national instruments to protect victims of trafficking and enhance the modernization of Jordan migration management and legislation.

Movement, Emergency and Post-crisis Migration Management

IOM Jordan provides assistance to refugees accepted for resettlement in a number of countries. More than 8,000 refugees and migrants are expected to move this year.

Main Projects

  • Assistance to refugees in Jordan accepted for resettlement in Australia, Canada, Scandinavian countries and the United States of America
  • Cultural orientation for refugees in Jordan accepted for resettlement in Australia

Regulating Migration

IOM's projects in the area of Regulating Migration include building the capacity of the Government of Jordan and providing technical support in migration management, assisting in the voluntary return of failed asylum seekers, and raising awareness on counter-trafficking issues.

Main Projects

  • Technical support to the Ministry of Labour
  • Migration management training project for immigration officers
  • Equipment of border crossing points
  • Document examination training
  • Reform of migration legislation
  • Assistance to failed asylum seekers willing to return to Iraq voluntarily
  • Counter-trafficking awareness raising among law enforcement officials

Last updated:
Main text: July 2007
Facts and figures:
August 2014