Migrant Assistance and Protection

Ensuring the adequate protection of the human rights of all migrants is at the heart of migration management. In the context of this cross-cutting priority, particular attention should be paid to those made vulnerable by a variety of circumstances and conditions. Related to the above and also of growing importance in the region is the broader issue of ensuring migrant well-being.

IOM in SEEECA is pursing the following key objectives in this area:

Ensuring the protection of the human rights of all migrants

Protection of the human rights of all migrants including men, women, boys and girls, is an essential component of good migration management. It is important both as an end in itself and as a condition for harnessing the benefits of migration for migrants and societies. Currently, legislative and policy frameworks as well as the law enforcement and law application practices to ensure migrant rights’ protection are underdeveloped in many parts of the region. Furthermore, migrants often lack access to or information about rights protection mechanisms, both judicial and non-judicial, including appeal systems.

Providing effective protection and assistance to vulnerable migrants, including in the context of complex migration flows

The range of people on the move in need of special protection and assistance is very broad and includes, inter alia, trafficked persons, exploited migrants, separated or unaccompanied migrant children, refugees, asylum seekers, stateless persons, displaced, stranded migrants, migrants caught in crisis, minority groups, such as the Roma, as well as women, the elderly, disabled and youth. In some cases, vulnerable migrants do not fit any particular established category, but have humanitarian and other needs. The task of identification of the specific needs of vulnerable migrants and providing them with assistance and protection in accordance with applicable international human rights and their needs is particularly challenging in the context of irregular and complex migration flows and in crisis situations.

Combating trafficking in human beings and migrant exploitation

IOM seeks to apply a comprehensive regional approach to combatting trafficking in persons and migrant exploitation within the context of addressing organized crime, gender-empowerment, migration health, conflict resolution and monitoring and evaluation.