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01 June 2017

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The Necessity of Feedback and Active Listening

Switzerland – Collecting feedback from communities where IOM works and using it to improve the design and implementation of IOM projects is vital to providing effective services to vulnerable people and ensuring their voices and needs are at the centre of the organization`s work. Active listening, as the name suggests, is a communication technique requiring that the listener concentrate, understand, and act upon the feedback being received.

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Making a movie - and hoping for a future

'We film, therefore we are'

Bangladesh – Holding her toddler in her arms, the young woman spoke at first timidly into the camera: “My name is Rehana, and I am 14. I never had access to school. Now I have children, but they have no school either.”

Her voice grew in confidence and strength as she imagined herself speaking to a wider audience. “I want my son to learn English, Burmese and Bangla, because I’m certain that if he is educated, he won’t have to work in any odd job. He’ll be self-dependent!”

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IASC Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Programmes in Emergency Settings

Switzerland – The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC)’s Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Programmes in Emergency Settings provides guidance in the assessment, research, design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) programmes in emergency settings. Although designed specifically for emergency contexts (including protracted crises), the framework may also be applicable for the transition phases from emergency to development (including disaster risk reduction initiatives). 

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A Global Survey on Feedback and Complaints Mechanisms was sent to all IOM's 165 global missions worldwide. Read more

“i am a migrant” is part of the UN TOGETHER initiative that promotes respect, safety and dignity for those who have left home in search of a better life. More here

Lauriane: “Everyone refers to people like me as ‘expats’. In reality, I am a migrant. I came to seek better professional opportunities."
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Canada: Leader of the Free World
The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristoff explores Canada’s refugee resettlement programme.
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“Migration is not an issue to be solved, it's a human reality that has to be managed or governed. We know that historically migration has always been overwhelmingly positive.” –  IOM Director General William Lacy Swing Read more here.


Migration in the News

  • Reuters reported that according to IOM Director General William Lacy Swing, people smugglers make about USD 35 billion a year worldwide and are the ‘real big problem’ behind the migrants’ deaths in the Mediterranean.

  • Al Jazeera reported that US and Haitian officials have discussed repatriating 58,000 Haitians who moved to the US after the 2010 earthquake.

  • Papua New Guinea’s The National reported that lessons learnt from the 2015 drought should help the Government and the people prepare better for the El Nino event forecast to hit the country again in August. It mentioned that local and foreign NGOs are teaching people basic skills to prepare for natural disasters.

  • Channel Africa reported that UN agencies are seeking to rally support for people fleeing escalating violence in the Central African Republic.

  • Al Jazeera reported that hundreds of thousands of refugees are facing an "acute crisis" after a cyclone destroyed their camps in Bangladesh.

Trending on the Internet

  • The Conversation debunked some common myths about people migrating across the Mediterranean through a report published by the University of Warwick.

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