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08 June 2017

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With 77 Million Views, IOM X and USAID Domestic Work Video Hits Home

“Treat people with respect so your children can do the same.”

It’s the top comment – liked more than 6,700 times – on Open Doors: Singapore, IOM X and USAID’s drama that follows the story of Lisa, a young Filipina domestic worker, as she begins working for a Singaporean family and taking care of their daughter, June. She’s travelled thousands of miles for this job, but Lisa soon realizes this isn’t what she signed up for.

Within minutes of entering their home, Lisa is pressured into surrendering her work permit and passport to her employer, Serene, and forgoing her day off – all signs of forced labour. Her protests are met with indifference: “I’m just doing what every other employer is doing. And you are not special.”

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A refugee sits near a house destroyed by Cyclone Mora in a camp in the Cox’s Bazar district on May 31, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / STR

The $10 Billion Industry Built on Human Misery

AFP: Waves of desperate people are slipping across international borders every year and smugglers are making billions from an industry built on human misery, write Tracey Ferrier and Petra Kaminsky.

The secretive nature of this dark and deadly trade means experts can provide only an educated estimate of the profits it generates for the criminals involved.

But the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) best assessment is that it’s worth a staggering US$10 billion a year.

“It could even be more,” says Frank Laczko, the director of the IOM’s Global Migration Data Analysis Centre in Berlin.

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IOM X Posters on Human Trafficking




“i am a migrant” is part of the UN TOGETHER initiative that promotes respect, safety and dignity for those who have left home in search of a better life. More here

Asem: "For a few seconds after the explosion I couldn’t hear anything, I couldn’t see anything. I only saw black dust. Fortunately, I'm alive."
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Q&A with Daniel Yam
Daniel is an award-winning film director based in Singapore. He wrote and directed IOM X and USAID’s Open Doors: Singapore, a video seeking to prevent the exploitation of domestic workers.
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I Care, Do You? An IOM X Public Service Announcement
Thai celebrities share facts about human trafficking in the fishing industry, with an aim to encourage viewers to demonstrate their support for the campaign through the hashtag #ICAREDOYOU. Watch here

Post This (3:10)
Using post-it notes, this video illustrates the type of industries that human trafficking victims are lured into. Watch here

IOM X Factsheet:
10 Facts About Domestic Workers in Asia Pacific

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"It’s very important to try to change the migration narrative which today is very poisonous and it needs to come back to a more positive narrative that recognizes the contributions of migrants." –  IOM Director General William Lacy Swing. Read more


Migration in the News

  • Reuters reported that hundreds of Senegalese migrants have been flown home in the past week, when their dreams of a new life in Europe were dashed after they crossed the Sahara desert only to endure the 'hell' of imprisonment in Libya.

  • UN News Centre reported that amid growing concern for the safety of migrants, particularly in Africa, a high-level body established by the United Nations on the continent, has launched a process to help forge political consensus to address challenges and save lives.

  • Antara News reported that Ambassador of Indonesia to Qatar Muhamad Basri Sidehabi has urged Indonesians to remain vigilant and calm in the wake of the ongoing crisis that erupted after some Arab nations severed diplomatic ties with Qatar.

  • IPS News reported about the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), which calls drought ‘one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse’. 

Trending on the Internet

  • Reuters reports that nearly half the recent immigrants to the United States have college degrees, reflecting a steady increase in educational attainment fueled largely by growing numbers of people from Asia, according to an analysis of US Census data by the Migration Policy Institute.

  • The Guardian reports from a secretive immigration court in Louisiana, United States, where the removal of undocumented immigrants is fast tracked away from scrutiny and legal aid.

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