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13 July 2017

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The absence of a level playing field in their home country is driving many Africans to migrate. Photo: REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye

Voting with Their Feet? Why Young Africans are Choosing Migration Over the Ballot Box
By Richard Danziger (IOM)

(World Economic Forum) West and Central Africa – The most commonly cited reasons for people migrating from Africa to Europe revolve around the search for economic opportunity and jobs. There is, however, an increasing realization that migration often involves a mixture of motivations and that the term “economic migrant” does an injustice to the individual, who may have taken to the road because of a number of different factors. 

One issue frequently raised by migrants whom I have met in transit (most recently in Agadez, Niger) is the absence of a level playing field in their home country. Without knowing the right people, being from the right community or having the money to buy their way into a job, they will never get ahead. This, in turn, is part of the broader problem of poor governance, which has resulted in everything from a sharp drop in the quality of education and other services; to investment in sectors that lead to impressive GDP growth indicators, but result in little by way of job creation.

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Moldovan Children Rediscover Their Birthplace
By Iulia Tvigun (IOM)  

(Medium) Moldova – Many Moldovans living outside the country are known to get together to explore their culture, sometimes organized by their parents, diaspora associations or even by churches in their local communities. However, one important aspect of cultural identity these sessions seem to miss out on is language, at a time when the positive impact of bilingualism on children’s cognitive skills is uncontested. Luckily, through a project supported by the UN Migration Agency’s (IOM) Development Fund, children of the Moldovan diaspora are able to attend weekend school classes on Romanian language – the language that is spoken in Moldova, culture and history in one of the ten Diaspora Educational Centres.

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Most Migrants are Migrant Workers Who Contribute to Their Host Communities

(UN Web TV) Germany – UN Special Representative for International Migration, Louise Arbour, at the Global Forum on Migration and Development – IOM side event, "Reflection on Migration-related SDGs in the Agenda 2030". 

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Lul: "Our value to society is not openly recognized. We enrich, not burden, your society."
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Migration in the News

  • EU Observer reported that the EU's border agency, Frontex, says more people are dying at sea because boats disembarking from Libya are dangerously overloaded.
  • DPA reported that the leaders of Germany and France pledged on Wednesday to help Italy face a mass inflow of boat migrants from North Africa.
  • Ghana’s Daily Guide reported that as part of efforts to intensify the fight against trans-international crimes and illegal migration, the European Union has commissioned a new border post facility at the Agortime Afegame Ghana-Togo border.
  • Bangladesh’s The Independent ran an Op-Ed which noted that some immigration departments are often powerless against the trafficking of migrants, which is usually helped by porous maritime borders.
  • SBS Australia reported about migrants stuck in Indonesia who are dreaming of a rare ticket to Australia, New Zealand or the US.

Trending on the Internet

  • Al Jazeera reported on how international migration is affecting the distribution pattern of global population.
  • The Guardian reported that the vast majority of people arriving in Europe by sea are fleeing persecution, war and famine, while less than a fifth are economic migrants, a report revealed.


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