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22 August 2017

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The UN Migration Agency emergency teams respond to thousands of civilians fleeing Talafar since the launch of the military campaign to retake the city from ISIL on 20 August. Photo: IOM 2017

Thousands of Iraqi Civilians Fleeing Talafar Assisted by UN Migration Agency
Posted on Tue. August 22, 2017

Erbil - IOM, the UN Migration Agency’s emergency teams are responding to thousands of civilians fleeing Talafar since the launch of the military campaign to retake the city from ISIL on 20 August.

In cooperation with the Government of Iraq and humanitarian partners, IOM staff is directly delivering medical assistance, non-food items (NFI) and shelter to vulnerable displaced people from Talafar most of whom had to walk for hours in arduous conditions before reaching safe areas. Many of the displaced people from Talafar arrive exhausted and in poor health, often with critical levels of malnutrition among children, some unable to move. 

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UN Migration Tracks Migrant Populations, Needs in Yemen
Posted on Tue. August 22, 2017

Sana’a – Today (22/08), IOM, the UN Migration Agency in the Republic of Yemen launches a Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) report on Enhancing the Understanding of Migration and Population Mobility in Yemen. The report identifies a total of 50,529 migrants having entered Yemen between January and July 2017. This figure is now expected to be higher. 

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Italian coast guard rescues migrants in the Mediterranean. File photo: Francesco Malavolta

Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals Reach 120,137 in 2017; 2,410 Deaths
Posted on Tue. August 22, 2017

Geneva – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 120,137 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2017 through 20 August, with almost 82 per cent arriving in Italy and the remainder divided between Greece, Cyprus and Spain. This compares with 269,856 arrivals across the region through 20 August 2016.

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“i am a migrant” is part of the UN TOGETHER initiative that promotes respect, safety and dignity for those who have left home in search of a better life. More here

Simona: "The reasons for migrating may be different, but in the end, we are all the same in our search for happiness and a stable and safe life."
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A global database tracking data on deceased and missing migrants along migratory routes.
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For the latest Mediterranean Update data on arrivals and fatalities please visit: http://migration.iom.int/europe 


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Migration in the News

  • Reuters reported that an armed group is stopping migrant boats from setting off across the Mediterranean from a city west of Tripoli that has been a springboard for people smugglers, causing a sudden drop in departures over the past month, sources in the area said.
  • News Deeply reported on why despite the dangers, many young migrants from Ethiopia and Somalia, most of them under 18, are still making the journey from the Horn of Africa to Yemen, hoping to reach wealthy Gulf states.
  • IPS reported that varying forecasts reveal that there could be around 25 million to 1 billion environmental migrants by 2050, with 200 million being the most widely cited estimate, according to a 2015 study by the Institute for Environment and Human Security of the UN University.
  • Caribbean News Now reported that since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, 37,967 displaced people are still living in 27 camps in Haiti despite the efforts of the Haitian government and the international community to assist and relocate 97 per cent of the displaced population.
  • Pakistan’s  Daily Times reported that more than 50 per cent of the war-related deaths, following the 2003 Iraq invasion, were civilians.

Trending on the Internet

  • Al Jazeera published an op-ed by Guma El-Gamaty, a Libyan academic and politician who argues that the current EU anti-irregular migration policies towards Libya will only destabilise it further.


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