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Hundreds of Syrian families living in camps have faced difficulties sending their children to school. To address this concern, IOM organized a transport initiative where fleets of school buses bring children to school everyday. Before the transportation
initiative was launched, many children had no choice but to
stay at home. © IOM 2014

Road to the Future


IOM, through the funding of the US State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) provides school transportation for Syrian refugee children in Iraq.

An IOM team en route to the remote village of Labu Tale, Northern Papua New Guinea where the Organization runs a Community-Based Disaster Risk Management Programme. © IOM 2014 (Photo by Joe Lowry)

Conflict, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis: Papua New Guinea shows how to prepare


Papua New Guinea, one of the world’s least-explored countries, is home to about 8 million people, 80 per cent of whom live outside urban centres.

IOM Operations staff placing tags on passengers’ bags during embarkation.
On February 18th, IOM assisted 159 adults, 74 children, and 12 infants travelling from Beirut, Lebanon to Hannover, Germany. © IOM 2014 (Photo: Remi Itani)

IOM continues to help Syrian refugees leave for Germany


On February 18th, IOM assisted 159 adults, 74 children, and 12 infants travelling from Beirut, Lebanon to Hannover, Germany ‘as part of the Humanitarian Admissions Programme (HAP) of the German Government for Syrian Refugees.

Auxiliary Midwife (AMW) Training:

Supporting maternal and child health care in Myanmar


For remote communities living in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady delta, access to adequate health care is a constant challenge. The geography of the region means that transport is only possible by boat through intricate channels in the mangrove forest.

IOM gives hygiene, sanitation, food, shelter and medical assistance to 4,600 expelled migrants from Tanzania. © IOM 2014

Providing emergency relief to expelled migrants


Between November 2013 and January 2014, IOM Uganda was able to help 4,600 expelled migrants from Tanzania by giving them hygiene, sanitation, food, shelter and medical assistance.

Boy grinding maize and manioc at the Transit Center in Gore, southern Chad. © IOM 2014 (Photo by Craig Murphy)

CAR Crisis in Chad


At the request of the Government of Chad, IOM and its humanitarian partners are providing post-arrival emergency assistance to migrants being returned by the Government.

Chadian evacuees board a plane to Chad. IOM helped 314 Chadians leave the Central African Republic (CAR) and flew them back to Chad. This was the 19th evacuation flight conducted by IOM for Third Country Nationals (TCNs) exiting CAR. © IOM 2014 (Photo by Sandra Black)

More than 300 Chadians leave CAR safely


On February 1, IOM helped 314 Chadians leave the Central African Republic (CAR) and return home safely to Chad. Since January 11, 2014, the Organization has helped a total of 4,792 third country nationals (TCNs) to return to their home countries.

Mr. Nobuo Kishi, Senior Vice Foreign Minister of Japan (left), presents a certificate to Mr. Mike Pillinger, IOM Iraq’s Chief of Mission (right), marking the donation of 800 tents and 10,000 jerry cans to Syrian refugees in Iraq. © IOM 2014

IOM and Japan continue to help Syrian refugees


IOM and the Government of Japan continue to partner to provide ongoing relief to Syrian refugees. Last December 2013, the Government of Japan responded to a request from IOM and announced that they would be providing 800 tents and 10,000 jerry cans to Syrian refugees in Iraq

IOM provides onward transportation services for the returning Ethiopians. © IOM 2013 (Photo by Mary Sanyu-Osire)

Helping Ethiopian Migrants Arriving from Saudi Arabia


On 14 November 2013, the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, officially requested IOM to provide post-arrival and reintegration assistance to Ethiopian returnees from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Some of the best drawings within some 150 drawings done

Drawing competition
On the migration theme

Les Automnales 08 – 17 November 2013

The best drawings


The drawing competition for 4 to 14 years brought a lot of children and therefore their parents to IOM’s stand. Today, we can say that we’ve got more than 150 drawings in total and that it has been very difficult for the jury to select the best one in each category of age.

IOM, the Government and UNHCR are registering evacuees from Tacloban. © IOM 2013 (Photo by Leonard Doyle)

Registration of evacuees in Tacloban


IOM, the Philippine Government, and UNHCR register evacuees who are desperately trying to leave the devastated city of Tacloban.

A 78-year-old woman relays her concerns to IOM and WHO assessment team in Pontevedra, Capiz. © Blue Motus 2013

IOM, partners assess situations in typhoon-affected areas in the Philippines


IOM together with humanitarian partners are on the field assessing the situations of evacuation centers and health units in various locations in heavily-affected Capiz province in the Philippines.