RQS in Brief
More than 200 Sudanese successfully placed as teachers, health workers, technicians, finance personnel, agriculturists, information staff and local government staff.
Teachers are the biggest group followed by health personnel and vocational workers.
About a third of all successful candidates are women.
The highest number of qualified Sudanese have been placed in Western Equatoria and Eastern Equatoria, followed by Western Bahr El Ghazal, Central Equatoria, and Unity State.
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What’s the programme all about? Finding Employment in private and public sectors in Southern Sudan - IOM's role
IOM Sudan's RQS programme aims to meet some of the critical gaps in knowledge and skills that Government of National Unity/Government of South Sudan (GNU/GOSS) Ministries and other employing institutions face as they work towards Sudan's sustained development and long-term prosperity. Through the targeted return of educated, trained and experienced Sudanese who currently reside outside Sudan, or outside their region of origin in Sudan, RQS assists public and private sector employers in Sudan to find the qualified human resources with the particular skills and expertise that they need. RQS assists public sector employers to instate the experts and administrators they require to increase the quality and availability of public services. RQS assists private sector employers to engage the technicians and managers they need to increase their enterprise's productivity and enhance its profitability. RQS assists entrepreneurial Sudanese to return to set up self-employment or a small business venture that adds value to the local economy.

Who qualifies for the RQS programme?
Employing institutions based in Sudan provide RQS with the qualifications requirements and other details of the positions they seek to fill. RQS then identifies Sudanese, either living within Sudan as internally displaced persons (IDPs) or outside Sudan as members of the diaspora, who have the knowledge and experience an employer seeks. For select Sudanese residing abroad who have highly desirable expertise, but have not yet made the decision to return permanently to Sudan, RQS facilitates their temporary return to an assignment as a consultant, trainer, or advisor. RQS also supports the initiative of entrepreneurial Sudanese who wish to return to Sudan to establish an independent business venture by providing them with a small seed grant and technical advice.

Where do you apply to participate in the IOM RQS programme? How does IOM assist me to return home?
Once they are matched with a job or short-term assignment, or have presented a viable business plan for an independent venture, RQS facilitates candidates' return to Sudan. In addition to return transport for candidates and their family members, RQS often supports returnees' reintegration by providing additional items that help returnees to set up their new living and working situation. RQS monitors returnees just after they settle in and checks again on their situation and outlook six months after they return.

For more information, contact RQS / IOM Sudan

By telephone: (249)-183-570-80 to 84
By email for applicants: rqsskills@iom.int
By email for employers: rqsjobs@iom.int


Contact Info
Block 11 OE Amarat St.
47 House PO Box 8322
Khartoum, Sudan

Tel: (249)-183-570-80 to 84
Fax: (249)-183-569-09

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