External Resources

Timber: A guide to the planning, use, procurement and logistics of timber as a construction material in humanitarian relief
Organization: OCHA, IFRC and CARE International
Author: Ashmore, J. and Fowler, J.
Year: 2009

Available from www.humanitariantimber.org

Guidelines for Assessment in Emergencies
Organization: IFRC
Author: IFRC
Year: 2008

Available from www.ifrc.org

Selecting NFIs for Shelter
Organization: IASC
Author: Shelter Centre
Year: 2008

Available from http://www.humanitarianlibrary.org

Plastic Sheeting: A guide to the specification and use of plastic sheeting in humanitarian relief
Organization: IFRC and Oxfam International
Author: Ashmore, J.
Year: 2007

Available from http://www.plastic-sheeting.org

Transitional Settlement: Displaced Populations
Organization: Oxfam
Author: Corsellis, T. and Vitale, A.
Year: 2005

Available from http://www.humanitarianlibrary.org

Tents: A guide to the use and logistics of family tents in humanitarian relief
Organization: OCHA
Author: Ashmore, J.
Year: 2004

Language: English
Available from www.sheltercluster.org

Housing reconstruction after conflict and disaster
Organization: ODI
Author: Barakat, S.
Year: 2003

Language: English 
Available from www.odihpn.org

Shelter After Disaster: Guidelines for Assistance
Organization: UNDRO (now UNOCHA)
Author: Davis, I.
Year: 1982

Language: English
Available from www.humanitarianlibrary.org

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Detailed specifications of all items commonly used by IFRC and ICRC

Humanitarian Library

A library of free documents for regional humanitarian knowledge, including shelter and settlements

Shelter Projects

A repository for of over 200 case studies and overviews of post-disaster and post-conflict shelter projects

Shelter Cluster

Home page of the global shelter cluster - the coordination mechanism for shelter responses. Contains links to individual responses, including strategy documents.