Supporting Migrants and Potential Migrants from Egypt through Information

After assessing the migration trends of Egyptians since the mid 1980s and the potential migratory flows caused by growing demands for employment opportunities abroad, the Ministry of Manpower and Emigration (MME) defined policies and proposed solutions to address the needs of potential migrant workers in Egypt as well as the needs of Egyptians abroad.

Additionally, it singled out the expertise acquired by Egyptians abroad and the possibility of attracting investments and remittances towards Egypt as useful resources for the country’s development.

The Egyptian government thus created an Integrated Migration Information System (IMIS) through funding from the Italian government and assistance from IOM. The Integrated Migration Information System will support the MME to manage regular migration flows from Egypt, improve the social status of Egyptian migrants in receiving countries and channel human and financial resources resulting from migration.

Key Objectives

  • Support the Ministry of Manpower and Emigration,  in particular the Emigration and Egyptians Abroad Sector (EEAS), in managing regular migration flows from Egypt
  • Create a database accessible via website that would allow job matches to be made between Egyptian jobseekers and prospective employers abroad
  • Strengthen the ties between the Egyptians abroad and their homeland


  • Potential migrants
  • Egyptians abroad
  • Ministry of Manpower and Emigration (Emigration Sector and External Employment Department)
  • Agencies and entities related to migration issues

Concrete Benefits

  • Enhanced managerial, language and information technology skills for MME officials
  • Website and data centre for potential Egyptian migrants and Egyptians abroad
  • Stronger ties between Egyptians abroad and their homeland

Project Description

"The project was an overall success. Both the Ministry of Manpower and Emigration and the donor agreed on the success of the project and commit to extend the activities to Phase II (IMIS Plus). From the database, several lists of workers in different sectors were extracted to fulfill the needs of other pilot projects. Phase II will fill the gaps of the original project and will make the system even more comprehensive."
-- Luigi Carta, IMIS Project Manager, IOM Egypt

This project consists of two phases: IMIS and IMS Plus. IMIS started in June 2001 and ended in December 2005, while IMIS Plus started in February 2008 and will end in January 2010.

IMIS covered the setting up of the website ( and data centre, as well as strengthening the skills of the MME in language, information technology, management and research. The website was launched in October, with IOM Rome carrying out seminars to inform Italian entrepreneurs on the availability of a system for identifying workers.

IMIS Plus fine-tunes the integrated information system set up in Phase I in addition to strengthening socio-economic ties with Egyptians abroad and promoting the more effective management of Egyptian labour migration. It focuses on the practical application of the system by facilitating the insertion of Egyptian migrant workers in the Italian labour market and by providing appropriate information on investments for promoting the transfer in remittances. The Italian case study will be used as an example to be applied to other Egyptian migration receiving countries.

Principal IOM Activities

  • Strengthen the skills, knowledge and resources of MME officials in information technology, language, and management
  • Design, develop and maintain the website and data centre
  • Validate data from job seekers
  • Provide information on potential destination countries, migration laws and other details for potential migrants and Egyptians abroad