Maintenance Managers Keep IOM Camps Running Smoothly

Mr. H M Ananda is camp care sports manager at the IOM camp in Matara Maha Vahalia. At this camp in southern Sri Lanka, Mr. Ananda coordinates sporting and leisure activities.

In February, IOM held care and maintenance workshops at its camps. Committees were organized to take care of health, sanitation, education, sport and leisure, and cleanliness. Officials were elected to oversee the daily running of the committees. Mr. Ananda, who has a long time association with amateur sports federations in Matara, was an obvious choice to run the sports working group.

Volleyball and cricket are the most popular sports in the camp according to Mr. Ananda, who teaches both games after school hours. Mr. Ananda is a former volleyball champion and has remained active in the local club since he retired as an auditor and volunteer in the army reserve. He lost his house and every thing he owned in the December tsunami, and his sister and brother-in-law were killed.

Mr. Ananda is organizing a sports carnival to be held at the camp on 10 April. Everyone will be able to join in the event. There will be a marathon race starting at 6.30am, which will attract hardy runners, followed by team sports as well as games like climbing the greasy pole, and father-and-son races.

Mr. Ananda says the best thing about living in the camp is organizing the sports. “People are happy when they are active,” he says. “playing games is good for everyone.”

© Keithe Bedford/IOM 2005.
Mr. H M Ananda, a camp manager, coordinates sporting and leisure activities at the IOM camp in Matara Maha Vahalia, Sri Lanka.