The second edition of the Global Migration Film Festival explored the challenges and promises of migration, the heterogenous journey of migrants, moving from one location to another, settling for temporary or permanent periods, in search for a better future and economic prosperity, reuniting with loved ones, or fleeing war and despair.

Official Selection

Professional Filmmakers

Emerging Filmmakers

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Professional Filmmakers Category

  • Reza Deghati
    Philanthropist, idealist and humanist, Reza is a renowned photojournalist who has covered many catastrophes but continues to capture the beauty and resilience of humankind. For the past 35 years, and more concretely since 2013 through his NGO Reza Visual Academy, he has been committed to training young people and women from damaged civil societies in the language of images, to help them strive for a better world.
  • Florence Kim
    Florence Kim has led IOM's i am a migrant perception change campaign since its launch in 2015. In an effort to highlight the work done in support of migrants, she has collected hundreds of personal testimonies from migrants around the world. After obtaining a PhD in International Law and Studies in Cinema, she is now based in Senegal where she is in charge of communications for IOM’s Assistance and Reintegration Programme in West and Central Africa.
  • Kantarama Gahigiri
    Kantarama Gahigiri is a Swiss and Rwandese filmmaker. She studied International Relations and obtained her Masters degree in Geneva. In 2004 she received a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship and went to live in New York, where she earned a Masters in Cinema Studies and spent eight years working on several film and TV projects (Men in Black 3, Suits, Person of Interest, etc.) The films and series that she has directed have won awards around the world. She has been leading cinema workshops since 2012, and in 2014 she became a patron of the Mashariki African Film Festival in Kigali, Rwanda.

Emerging Filmmakers Category

  • Ana Yamel Rodriguez-Cuervo
    Ana Yamel Rodriguez-Cuervo was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. She went to film school in London and later began working as a producer for companies like Alison Jackson Studios, The Sunday Times and the Tribeca Film Festival. In 2017, she was a member of the International Jury for the Plural+ Youth Film Festival. She is currently is based in New York City, where she is a producer on the video team at Planned Parenthood, where she continues to develop her passion for writing and developing stories with strong female characters.
  • Joel Millman
    Joel Millman is a Senior Press Officer and Spokesperson for the International Organization for Migration. Originally from the United States, he worked for several years as a journalist for the Wall Street Journal , living in the United States, while travelling to all corners of the world as a reporter. He has encyclopedic knowledge of classic films, and his passion for the world of cinema has led him to acquire a collection of (X rare items) over the years.
  • Luca Lamorte
    As the social media officer at IOM, the UN Migration Agency, Luca Lamorte works as digital strategist with the Media and Communication Division. He has worked extensively in digital communications for various international organizations in Geneva. A film addict by nature, and a historian by training, he studied acting during his early twenties and won awards at a few Short Film Festivals in Italy as an emerging film-maker.