Background and Working Papers

Thematic working papers were produced by IOM regional offices addressing various aspects of migrant well-being or focusing on well-being in a particular region.


  • Poonam Dhavan
    Migration health, well-being and development: An overview,
  • Harry Cook and Jane Sail
    Migrant well-being in the Middle East and North Africa: A focus on gender in Cairo,
  • Ezequiel Texidó and Elizabeth Warn
    Migrant well-being and development: South America,
  • Marina Manke, Tatjana Dedovic, Katarina Lughofer and Alina Narusova
    Migrant well-being in South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia,
  • Anna Platonova
    Migrant well-being: European economic area and Switzerland,
  • Celine Mazars with Reiko Matsuyama, Jo Rispoli and Jo Vearey
    The well-being of economic migrants in South Africa: Health, gender and development,
  • Ricardo Cordero, Salvador Gutierrez and Joan Andreu Serralta
    Migrant well-being: Central America, North America and the Caribbean,


Future Trends in Migration: Global Outlook

Migration Governance

Migration and its Linkages with Employment, Health, Integration and Development

Climate Change and Environmental Degradation: Migration as an Adaptation Strategy