Capacity Building and Training in Border and Migration Management

IOM assists States in increasing their technical knowledge and strengthening institutional capacity on migration and border management, aiming at long-term sustainability. At the request of interested governments, IOM develops and implements Capacity Building in Migration Management (CBMM) Programmes that aim to build capacity in three areas: Developing institutional capacity, developing human capacity and developing operational capacity. CBMM Programmes are ideally put in place after an assessment mission. 

The IBM Team furthermore develops and delivers training courses for migration officials, as well as "training of trainers" programmes in order to facilitate knowledge sharing. 

On a regional scale, IOM’s African Capacity Building Centre (ACBC) provides considerable IBM experience within Africa. Established in 2009 at the request of IOM’s African Member States, the ACBC is fast becoming an important hub for training and capacity building in migration management for IOM Offices and IOM member states alike. Through its broad range of activities, the Centre promotes comprehensive migration governance and facilitates a diverse range of immigration and border management projects and training courses throughout Africa and beyond. It has, since its establishment, trained over 3,500 persons in the course of over 150 training events.

For further information, please consult:

Information Sheet: IOM and Training for Border and Migration Management Officials

Community Policing

Community policing programmes strive to promote a collaborative relationship between a community and law enforcement agencies. The International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Immigration and Border Management (IBM) Division provides support to requesting Member States in the development of community policing initiatives focusing on communities with large numbers of migrants.

Information Sheet: Community Policing EN FR SP