Compendium Of IOM Activities In Disaster Risk Reduction And Resilience

This compendium presents 19 thematic briefs that seek to unpack the disaster risk reduction, disaster risk management and climate adaptation frameworks from a mobility perspective.

The thematic briefs are organized based on their relevance for each crisis phase, before, during and after in line with IOM’s approach to the migration dimension of crisis situations, or “migration crisis”.

Each thematic brief is illustrated with examples drawn from IOM’s activities around the world. A number of thematic briefs have also been highlighted for their cross-cutting nature and importance at each stage of the crisis.

Part I and II: Analytical and Thematic Overview:

Part I

  • Crises, resilience and sustainable development seen through the prism
    of mobility
    • Key concepts and definitions in disaster risk management
    • Impact of environmental change on the drivers of mobility
    • Definitions: DRM, DRR and CCA
  • A vulnerability approach to the migration-environment nexus
    • “Environmental migrants”: The IOM working definition
  • The livelihood approach to resilience from a migration perspective
    • 18 Trapped populations
  • Key policy messages on migration and disasters
    • Migration crises and global policy forums: The IOM comprehensive policy agenda


Part II

  • IOM’s Intervention to Reduce Risk and Build Resilience
  • DRR in IOM’s Migration Crisis Operational Framework
  • IOM’s involvement in risk reduction and resilience building activities
  • IOM’s programmes focusing on Disaster Risk Reduction and Preparedness
  • Preventing Forced Migration And Promoting Migration As A Strategy To Build Resilience
  • Preparing Communities For Potential Displacement
  • Managing Disaster Risk Through Mobility And Managing Mobility Induced By Disasters
  • Mitigating The Impacts Of Displacement
  • Building Resilience Through Durable Solutions To Displacement
  • Reducing Risk And Building Resilience Across The Migration Crisis Phases


Part III
Country Profiles: