Elements of Innovation

  • Social Cohesion and Community Participation
  • Regular Pathways
  • Diversity, Gender and Inclusion

What is the project about?

The Svidomo Made project is dedicated to advancing sustainable development and responsible production within Ukrainian businesses. This initiative aims to heighten awareness about ethical consumption, labor exploitation, and human trafficking issues.

The project is built on six core principles: fair wages, human rights, workplace safety, eradicating child labor, transparent supply chains, and environmental protection. With a team of experts addressing each principle, the project foresees guiding small and medium Ukrainian enterprises toward sustainability. Recognized businesses will bear a quality mark, symbolizing their alignment with the Svidomo Made community. Through an educational platform and awareness campaign, the project promotes responsible production and consumption. Furthermore, Svidomo Made aligns with global trends related to boosting brand reputations, including on ethical business practices, competitiveness in the European market, and fostering the SDGs and human rights.

How is the project innovative?

The initiative showcases innovation in the way it promotes sustainable production and consumption for small businesses by incorporating corporate sustainability principles. Remarkably, the project has led to the establishment of Ukraine's inaugural Voluntary Corporate Sustainability Standard for small and medium enterprises. This standard, developed in alignment with the Global Compact for Migration principles, international best practices, and national regulations, evaluates companies based on ethical recruitment, safe workplaces, eradicating exploitation, diversity promotion, transparent supply chains, and environmental protection.

Illustrating the innovation in action, the initiative introduced the Svidomo Made "quality mark" on products, signifying adherence to ethical production. A diverse range of businesses have already been successful in earning this mark. Beyond business, the project advances human rights by advocating for ethical employment and labor rights, thereby addressing concerns, including human trafficking. This initiative creates a transformative framework that resonates across economic, societal, and environmental spheres. In doing so, the project positions Ukraine at the forefront of sustainable business, aligning with global trends and positively impacting both businesses and consumers.


YEAR: 2020
FUNDS: 100,000 USD