They don’t wear capes or fight dragons or launch themselves into space. You won’t see their names on the news. 

Today’s Real-Life Heroes are fighting against incredible odds – disasters, conflict, inequality and an unprecedented pandemic. 

Working in some of the world’s most perilous places, our Real-Life Heroes are committed to saving lives and alleviating the suffering of millions. 

Meet our Real-Life Heroes


“Some people here still don’t believe that COVID-19 is real. Millions of people are at risk if we don’t communicate properly.”


“Society must be healthy. If we love our country, we must maintain the well-being of our people.”


On World Humanitarian Day, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) honours the extraordinary commitments of humanitarians on the frontlines of he world's crises.

From Yemen to Brazil, Niger to Cambodia, IOM staff share their personal stories and the reasons why the continue working in humanitarian response.

They counsel people living through conflict, manage displacement sites, bring innovative solutions, treat patients suffering from COVID-19 and other diseases, educate their community about sound hygiene practices, conduct tests in laboratories and protect migrant on their arduous journeys to ensure no one is left behind.

These are the Real-Life Heroes of our time.