Crises are forcing record numbers to flee their homes, seeking safety within or across international borders. The increasingly complex and unpredictable nature of crises is resulting in a growing number of protracted displacement situations. 

IOM promotes incremental approaches to facilitate durable solutions for refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), which traditionally include sustainable reintegration, local integration and relocation/resettlement.  

The Organization’s Progressive Resolution of Displacement Situations Framework allows IOM to navigate the complexity of forced migration dynamics and promote an inclusive, resilience-based approach that incorporates mobility strategies.  

IOM seeks to complement existing international protection systems that prioritize the most vulnerable people among affected populations, identify and mitigate risks as well as strengthen resilience.  

Together with humanitarian, development and private sector partners, IOM promotes self-reliance to mitigate the detrimental impacts of prolonged displacement situations and associated risks of aid dependency and negative coping strategies.  

Sustainable income generation, for instance through livelihoods and employment, also offer opportunities to build skills, assets and networks and revitalize local economies.