El Salvador

Brief description of the CCCM context in El Salvador

Following Storm Ida in 2009, IOM commenced CCCM activi-ties in El Salvador, for which it received significant recogni-tion from the Resident Coordinator's Office, United Nations agencies and many NGOs specialised in humanitarian issues.

In response to Tropical Depression 12-E in October 2011, CCCM functioned as one of the main clusters, evidenced by the activation of 632 collective centres. Once roles for re-sponding to the emergency were coordinated under the United Nations framework, IOM started leading CCCM Clus-ter activities and gradually became a consistent facilitator of discussions and cooperation among humanitarian actors. Through its CCCM functions, IOM assisted 727 families in the 5 most-affected departments of the country.

Latest achievements

  • Distributed 552 kitchen kits, 602 comforts kits, 452 rec-reational kits, 400 hygiene kits, 39 returns kits and 100 shelter kits.
  • Completed minor repairs to collective centres, including installation of showers, toilets, laundry areas and shared kitchens.

Training activities

  • Conducted training on the National Manual for the Coor-dination and Attention of Temporary Shelter Care Cen-ters, involving 16 collective centre focal points, authori-ties from three municipalities and field monitors from IOM’s NGO partners.
  • For 20 families who received shelter kits, provided train-ing on the use and handling of materials for repairing homes damaged by Tropical Depression 12-E rains.

Areas in need of global cluster support

Provision of training for CCCM Cluster actors on methodolo-gies for information management and humanitarian aid mo-nitoring through the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM).

Plans for 2012 to 2013

  • Develop a greater understanding of the UN Develop-ment Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for the 2012-2015 period. In particular, determine how to articulate and coordinate UNDAF priorities, especially regarding Envi-ronmental Sustainability and Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • Connect the UNDAF with the Government of El Salva-dor’s Winter Plan of the National Civil Protection System in all aspects related to the management of humanitari-an aid in collective centres.
  • Finalise a manual for the management of temporary shelters in El Salvador.