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12 December 2017

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Assistance is needed for newly arrived Internally Displaced Persons in Kibari Buporo site, Masisi territory, North Kivu Province, DRC. Photo: IOM 2017

Humanitarian Catastrophe Looms in DR Congo as UN Migration Agency Appeals for USD 75 million

Posted on Tue. December 12, 2017

Kinshasa – Over the past year, the humanitarian situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has deteriorated at an alarming rate. IOM, the UN Migration Agency is appealing for USD 75 million to urgently meet the growing needs of displaced Congolese and the communities hosting them in the eastern and south-central provinces of North and South Kivu, Tanganyika and the Kasai.

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IOM health staff assisting several Rohingya refugees in the Ukihya medical health complex in Cox's Bazar. Photo: Muse Mohammed / IOM 2017

UN Migration Agency Moves to Halt Spread of Diphtheria in Bangladesh Refugee Camps

Posted on Tue. December 12, 2017

Cox’s Bazar – IOM, the UN Migration Agency has launched a major intervention to help halt the spread of diphtheria among Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

As a mass vaccination programme gets underway, IOM is working to provide vaccination support services and other services. These include community awareness raising; tracing of those who have come in contact with infected individuals to offer them preventative medical attention; and providing observation facilities for people recovering from the disease.

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UN Migration Agency Publishes Assessment on Displacement and Returns in Iraq

Posted on Tue. December 12, 2017

Erbil – As the Iraqi Government celebrated its final victory over ISIL this week, IOM, the UN Migration Agency, released a new study, which shows that 90 per cent of displaced Iraqis are determined to return home. This is similar to the long-term intentions recorded in 2016. 

More than 1.3 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) have returned to their places of origin so far in 2017. In total since the start of the crisis in 2014, IOM estimates that more than 2.8 million displaced Iraqis have returned, while more than 2.9 million people remain displaced. 

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The Global Migration film festival winning submission will be presented with 'La Cosmopolita'.

Read about how the statuette was created here  |  More about the GMFF here  |  See photos here


Koffi: "You tell people your story hoping they change their minds, but for some seeing is believing. They are determined to make it to Europe."

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Migration in the News

  • Reuters and DPA reported that the United Nations appealed on Monday to countries worldwide to take in 1,300 mainly African refugees stranded in Libya, many of them mistreated while kept in appalling conditions in detention. 
  • AFP reported that Sicily on Monday welcomed nearly 900 migrants rescued in Mediterranean waters off the coast of Libya in the past few days, with many expressing relief at having escaped the ‘Libyan hell’. 
  • The Independent reported that the United Nations’ migration agency is calling on social media giants to do more to crack down on people smugglers using their platforms to lure West African migrants to Libya.  
  • Ghana’s Starr FM Online reported that a Ghanaian migrant who was sold in Libya has alleged that there are some Ghanaians involved in the booming slave trade. 
  • Cameroon Tribune spoke with IOM’s Seybou Boubacar about the voluntary return of Cameroonian migrants from Libya. 
  • Nigeria’s The Nation reported about the ordeals faced by Nigerian migrants in Libya sold into slavery. 
  • Sea News Turkey reported that the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also known as the Helsinki Commission, has announced that a briefing on the topic of ‘Sea Rescues: Saving Refugees and Migrants on the Mediterranean’, will be held today (December 12) in Washington DC. 
  • Devex reported that in Italy's refugee centers, NGOs struggle to speak up about corruption and other problems in part because of concerns that it will prevent them from doing their work, while asylum seekers are left dealing with substandard conditions, often without a means of recourse. 
  • Airport Technology reported that air industry associations have come together to help better train their staff in identifying and reporting incidents of human trafficking. 
  • Inter Press Service ran an IOM feature on healthcare for Rohingya refugees and local communities in Bangladesh. 
  • United News Bangladesh reported that IOM now runs 13 health posts and one primary healthcare centre for Rohingyas in Cox’s Bazar as the UN migration agency has scaled up its operations. 
  • Mag The Weekly reported on the plight of Rohingya refugees who have fled Rakhine State in Myanmar. 
  • Dhaka Tribune reported that a fact-finding mission has found there is a growing resentment among the locals in Cox’s Bazar over Rohingya refugees entering the labour market illegally with the will to work at a lower price to earn a living and survive. 
  • Radio Free Asia reported that Myanmar’s Labour Ministry is seeking labour migration agreements with the governments of other Southeast Asian countries and territories to send women there to work legally as maids, a government labour official said Monday. 
  • Al-Fanar Media  reported that as hundreds of thousands of Afghans return from neighbouring countries, young graduates face discrimination, language barriers and a dearth of connections in a country many had never been to before. 

Trending on the Internet

  • OZY reported that communication technology has evolved so radically in the last couple decades that platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber are now guiding the journeys of almost every migrant on the planet.
  • Hyperallergic reviewed a UK-based artist's inspiring ‘tactile food performance’ about a recipe a migrant carried with her.


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