Evaluation in IOM is one of the functions of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) that also covers Audit, Inspection and Monitoring of Monitoring. In merging the different functions into OIG, more effective synergy of the oversight functions has been created inside the Organization. Independence in performing its tasks is a key aspect of OIG's work.

Evaluation is an important management tool. It is an integral part of IOM's core functions, and the mainstreaming of evaluation results in IOM's work is essential. Evaluation is now well-established in IOM and increasing emphasis is being placed on it. The Inspector General reports directly to the Director General, who endorses the conclusions and recommendations of the evaluations performed by OIG.

The main objectives of Evaluation/OIG are to:

  • undertake and promote thematic evaluations of IOM policies, strategies and/or programmes;
  • evaluate the performance and success of selected programmes and projects;
  • promote the use of evaluation findings and recommendations in policy and programme formulation within the Organization;
  • oversee the evaluation function in IOM and promote the inclusion of an evaluation component in IOM programmes and projects;
  • develop and/or adjust evaluation guidelines and methods applied for programme evaluation throughout the Organization;
  • reinforce partnership and participation in networks for evaluation with bilateral and multilateral Organizations.

Evaluation/OIG is fully committed to contributing to IOM's capacity to fulfill its mandate as a lead International Organization on Migration.