Facilitating Migration

With more than one billion people on the move today, more than at any other time in recorded history, migration management has moved to the forefront of many States’ agendas.  Facilitating more dignified, orderly and safe migration remains a key challenge.  IOM supports States to improve migration governance through the provision of efficient and cost-effective international migration services.

In support of visa application processing, on a non-profit basis, IOM provides tailored operational assistance to immigration and consular departments, which are designed to enhance data collection, streamline processes, eliminate time-consuming administrative functions, lower costs, improve service standards and combat fraud.    

Such services equally benefit both temporary and permanent resident visa applicants by providing timely and accurate visa related information via multiple channels in a safe and empowering environment, providing a transparent and cost-effective alternative to often unscrupulous visa brokers.  IOM seeks to simplify the visa application process for both States and migrants by ensuring that only properly completed applications are submitted, ultimately resulting in more efficient visa processing.

Cross-cutting services in support of the visa application process include:

  • Provision of Visa Application Information
  • Visa-Related Health Assessments
  • Visa Form-Filling Assistance
  • Visa Application Data Capture/Transfer
  • Visa Application Completeness Checks
  • Visa Appointment Scheduling 
  • Interview Facilitation
  • Verification Services 
  • Travel Document Examination
  • Skills and Language Testing
  • Visa Fee Processing
  • Identity Checking and Biometrics Enrolment
  • DNA Collection 
  • Visa Application Tracking
  • Visa Documentation Logistics and Return
  • Logistical Assistance to Visa Offices
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Travel Assistance

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