The Other Side of Dooman River

21 min. | Short, Drama | 2018 Global Migration Film Festival (South Korea)
Available from the 24 June to 8 July

At the northern border between North Korea and China, Dooman River is a place of both hope and dread for the thousands of North Korean “defectors” who attempt its crossing every year. It has the power to deliver a second chance, but often at a fearsome cost. This thrilling, suspenseful vignette takes place for one North Korean family on a single day, almost in real time. The short film displays comedy, satire and terror in equal measures and ends with a remarkable message, illustrating what the world’s most vulnerable migrants must risk for a chance of a future without repression. ‘The Other Side of Dooman River’ was the third place winner in 2018. 

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Se Woong BAE
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