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Maddalen Yarza, Oficial de Políticas Sociales de Niñez
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IOM in Honduras

Honduras became an IOM Member State on 13 November 1967. In 1970, IOM opened its office in Honduras, mainly focusing on programmes that deal with the transfer of qualified human resources, return and reintegration of qualified nationals, selective migration, and the integration of experts and scholars.

Currently, IOM Honduras is working to strengthen and modernize the migration management capacities of the government, combat human trafficking and gender-based violence, provide assistance to Honduran returnees, improve the management of labor migration and enhance migration contribution to the devlopment of Honduras.

The main government partners of IOM in Honduras are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Secretary of State in the Office of the Interior and Justice and the General Directorate for Migration and Aliens.

For more information on IOM activities in Honduras, please visit the website of IOM's Regional Office for Central America, North America and the Caribbean.

Last updated:
Facts and figures: May 2012

Population (2015):8.1 million
Area:112,492 km sq
Languages :Spanish, indigenous languages, English
Currency:Honduran Lempira (HNL)
GDP per Capita PPP (2014):USD 4,417
HDI Rank (2014):131 of 188
Remittances (2014 estimate):USD 3,329 million
Net Migration Rate (2015-2020):-1.5 migrants/1,000 population
Immigrants (2015):0.3%
Women as a Percentage of Immigrants (2015):47.2%
Population under 15 (2015):31.8%
Adult HIV Prevalence (2014):0.4%

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