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While the country is still undergoing social and economic transitional adjustments, relevant progress has been made in the field of migration management and the protection of migrants’ rights. The progress made in the area of migration management has been acknowledged by the European Union (EU) and has gained the country visa-free regime with all countries of the Schengen Area since December 2009.The country’s geographical position – being a part of the Balkan region, neighboring two European Union Member States (Greece and Bulgaria), and being itself in the process of seeking integration with the EU – makes it a unique transit route for migration, much of which is of an irregular nature. The visa-free regime with Schengen area countries has brought easier legal ways to travel and seek employment to the EU Member States but also new challenges to the country migration management system most of which relate to issues such as brain drain and lack of knowledge and proper application of EU migration laws and procedures by some of the citizens of The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

IOM’s primary objective in the country is to act in full partnership with the government as well as national and international partners and work towards strengthened and harmonized standards in all identified key migration areas. IOM activities address a variety of pressing migration-related issues including inter alia: trafficking in human beings and migrant smuggling, technical cooperation and institutional capacity-building, assistance for voluntary return and reintegration, labour migration, as well as economic and social stabilization of vulnerable migrants and potential victims of trafficking. IOM’s strategy takes into consideration the EU membership process and the need for progressive alignment with the EU migration acquis – these elements are factored into IOM’s ongoing and proposed programming.

Migration Activities

  • Migration Health
  • Regulating Migration
  • Facilitating Migration
Population (2015):2.1 million
Area:25,713 km sq
Languages :Macedonian, Albanian
Currency:Denar (MKD)
GDP per Capita PPP (2014):USD 12,938
HDI Rank (2014):81 of 188
Remittances (2014 estimate):USD 367 million
Net Migration Rate (2015-2020):-0.5 migrants/1,000 population
Immigrants (2015):6.3%
Women as a Percentage of Immigrants (2015):58.3%
Population under 15 (2015):17%
Adult HIV Prevalence (2014):not available

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
PO Box 43
1000  Skopje
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Tel: +389.2 308 81 00
Fax: +389.2 308 81 01
Email: iomskopje@iom.int