High-level webinars on ISCMs and the GCM regional review (2020)

High-level webinars on “Inter-State Consultation Mechanisms on Migration (ISCM) and the Review of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM)”

On 24 September 2020 the  IOM  organized high-level webinars to explore the possible role of  inter-State consultation mechanisms on migration  (ISCMs) in the regional reviews of the  Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migratio n (GCM). 
The High-level webinar aimed to inform ISCM Chairs and Heads of ISCM Secretariats about the possible formats of ISCM contribution to the 2020 GCM regional reviews, and discuss planned contributions by interested ISCMs. The same webinar format was arranged in a morning and afternoon sessions, to ensure participation according to different time zones.

ISCMs, especially RCPs, are central actors in regional migration governance. Hence member States assured to include them as important actors in the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration resolution, in its implementation, follow-up and review. While global compact implementation rests with States, ISCMs - as important regional and cross-regional processes - can offer their member States fora for discussing the regional aspects of global compact implementation and forge convergent approaches to migration issues across the regions. Their views on the progress of the implementation of the relevant global compact objectives and actions at the regional level will help to assess and strengthen regional policies and practices on migration. 

The event brought together the Chairs and the Heads of Secretariat of 19 ISCMs. 

The possible formats of contribution by inter-State consultation mechanisms on migration to the regional reviews of the global compact were considered. The webinar discussions showed that some ISCMS were considering planned events or written submissions on different aspects of regional migration governance that will input into the process of regional reviews. 

IOM has been facilitating ISCM's engagement in the GCM since 2016; and this webinar is one of the steps by IOM to facilitate ISCMs' possible contribution to the GCM regional reviews. The webinar builds on the letters to ISCM Chairs sent in February 2020 by the IOM Director General in his capacity as the UN Migration Network Coordinator inviting the ISCMs to consider inputting into the GCM regional reviews.