Artistic Expressions Have Worth On International Women’s Day

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More than 3,600 Swiss francs were raised by
the sale of the artworks by the students from Geneva’s
College du Leman and the International School Nations campus at an
auction at IOM’s headquarters attended by invited guests, the
students and their parents and IOM staff.

The money raised will be donated to a Geneva
based non-governmental organization, Camarada, which provides free
French classes to migrant and refugee women and children in order
to help with their integration into Swiss life.

The students provided paintings, collages and
drawings that depicted their understanding of what gender,
migration and decision-making, this year’s theme of
International Women’s Day, meant to them - with some rather
interesting results.

The students were from different age groups
ranging from eight years old to sixteen years.

“The event was a great success, not only
because of the money raised for a good cause, but also because it
was so much fun,” said Denise Glasscock, IOM’s Gender
Officer. “There was a really positive spirit among the crowd,
lot of laughter and it was great to see some of the paintings fetch
more than 200 francs each.”