Helping to Make Muzaffarabad Beautiful Again

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The project is a continuation of the
‘Clean Week’ programme which began last week and which
was launched by the Pakistan-administered Kashmir (PaK) government
in the capital city of Muzaffarabad together with IOM.

The local water and sanitation department was
supported by IOM in the ‘Clean Week’ drive through the
provision of four trucks to remove garbage, uniforms for the staff
of the Municipal Department, and coordination of the volunteer
services of 30 laborers and 10 international workers during the

With ‘Clean Week’ a success, a
second phase was arranged to beautify the two-kilometre scenic
walkway along the Neelum River in the city. Blocked by landslides
after recent rains and tremors, the walkway requires several weeks
of heavy machinery demolition, followed by additional

The second phase which began this week, is
relying on the volunteer services of hundreds of schoolchildren,
local lawyers, and international volunteers. IOM has supplied all
the logistical support needed for the clearing and beautification
of the site.

During the first five days of the operation,
heavy-stone rubble was removed, green belts prepared along the road
and the Neelum River bank, a good drainage system devised, and
small flowerpots were placed along the way.

“We will also erect park benches and fix
garbage bins on the pavement side of the walkway. I did this sort
of work after the tsunami in Indonesia, and it’s nice to be
here now helping build a better life for the people affected by
earthquake,” says Mike from Canada, one of the 10 volunteers
from several countries including China and Belgium.