Syndicate Workshop

Syndicate members’ expertise in informing the Global Compact for Migration has involved two key elements. In addition to curating ‘top three reads’ for policymakers, Syndicate members were invited to identify and propose solutions for policy conundrums posing obstacles to safe, orderly and regular migration. The result was a series of 26 short, technical papers proposing innovative ideas for effective and sustainable ways forward. These ideas were honed in a workshop that took place in late September, in Geneva. The discussions benefited from the insights of Syndicate advisers, who have worked on aspects of bridging policy and practice and helped provide a "reality check" to the discussions by focusing on concrete ways to improve international cooperation on migration. The papers, which have been compiled in a publication, address the following broad themes: ‘conflicting issues of governance’; ‘migrant worker safeguards’; ‘countering migrant smuggling and human trafficking’; ‘regular migration pathways’; ‘integration, return and reintegration’; ‘migration narratives’; and ‘mobilizing partners for action’.

From the left: Ray Jureidini, Erica Usher, Manolo Abella, Martin Ruhs, Gervais Appave, Jenna Hennebry, Jorgen Carling, Anna Triandafyllidou, Susan Martin, Eric Kaufmann, Harald Bauder, Kathleen Newland, Md Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Linguère Mbaye, Binod Khadria, Marie McAuliffe, Gibril Faal, Gurucharan Gollerkeri, Liliana Jubilut, Michele Klein-Solomon, Travers McLeod, Inês David and Guofu Liu.

Workshop participants not in the photo: Walter Kaelin, Khalid Koser, Marius Olivier, Jill Helke and Sanjula Weerasinghe.