GCIM Featureboxes

  1. Immigration to post-apartheid South Africa - Brij Maharaj, August 2004
  2. Victims of trafficking for forced prostitution: Protection mechanisms and the right to remain in the destination countries - Olivera Simic, June 2004
  3. Migration, Human Rights and the United Nations - Antoine Pécoud and Paul de Guchteneire, September 2004
  4. Immigration Policy: Methods of Economic Assessment - Don J. DeVoretz , October 2004
  5. Democracy and discrimination: black African migrants in South Africa - Loren B Landau, October 2004
  6. The transnational turn in migration studies - Peggy Levitt and Ninna Nyborg-Sorensen, October 2004
  7. Irregular migration and health - Douglas W. MacPherson and Brian D. Gushulak, October 2004
  8. Possible steps towards an international regime for mobility and security - Rey Koslowski, October 2004
  9. Money and mobility: transnational livelihood strategies of the Somali diaspora - Cindy Horst, October 2004
  10. Diasporas and development: the case of Kenya - Dharam Ghai, October 2004
  11. Reconciling refugee protection with efforts to combat irregular migration: the case of Turkey and the EU - Kemal Kirisci, October 2004
  12. The role of civil society in the migration policy debate - Colleen Thouez, October 2004
  13. La emergencia de una identidad diaspórica entre los caboverdeanos de Argentina - Marta Maffia, October 2004
  14. International migration in contemporary Ukraine: trends and policy - Olena Malynovska, October 2004
  15. Movement of workers in the WTO negotiations: a development perspective - Gabriela Wurcel, October 2004
  16. Migrants, labour markets and integration in Europe: a comparative analysis - Rainer Münz, October 2004
  17. Biometrics, international migrants and human rights - Rebekah Alys Lowri Thomas, January 2005
  18. Remittances as unforeseen burdens: the livelihoods and social obligations of Sudanese refugees - Stephanie Riak Akuei, January 2005
  19. Citizenship policies: international, state, migrant and democratic perspectives - Rainer Bauböck, January 2005
  20. Convergence and divergence in migration policy: the role of regional consultative processes - Colleen Thouez & Frédérique Channac, January 2005
  21. Migration partnerships: new tools in the international migration debate - Alberto Groff, January 2005
  22. Beyond the bounds of responsibility: western states and measures to prevent the arrival of refugees - Matthew J. Gibney, January 2005
  23. Exploring the asylum-migration nexus: a case study of transit migrants in Europe - Aspasia Papadopoulou, January 2005
  24. Brain drain and beyond: returns and remittances of highly skilled migrants - Arno Tanner, January 2005
  25. Strangers in a strange land: international migration in Israel - Martha Kruger, January 2005
  26. The concept of 'effective protection' in the context of irregular secondary movements and protection in regions of origin - Catherine Phuong, April 2005
  27. Migration without borders: an investigation into the free movement of people - Antoine Pécoud and Paul de Guchteneire, April 2005
  28. Morocco’s migration transition: trends, determinants and future scenarios - Hein de Haas, April 2005
  29. Refugees, asylum seekers and anthropologists: the taboo on giving - Ellen Lammers, April 2005 
  30. International migration, remittances and development: myths and fact - Hein de Haas, April 2005 
  31. The costs of human smuggling and trafficking - Melanie Petros, April 2005 
  32. Déterminants, enjeux et perceptions des migrations scientifiques internationales africaines: le Sénégal - Ibrahima Amadou Dia, April 2005 
  33. Regularization programmes: an effective instrument of migration policy? - Aspasia Papadopoulou, May 2005
  34. Why asylum seekers seek refuge in particular destination countries: an exploration of key determinants -  Darren Middleton, May 2005
  35. Gender dimensions of international migration - Jørgen Carling, May 2005 
  36. The Development-Visa Scheme: a proposal for a market-based migration control policy - Michael Jandl, June 2005
  37. Where migration policy is made: starting to expose the labyrinth of national institutional settings for migration policy making and implementation - Joanne van Selm, July 2005
  38. Governing international migration in the city of the south - Marcello Balbo and Giovanna Marconi, September 2005
  39. Studying refugees and asylum seekers: notes on the politics of knowledge - Ellen Lammers, September 2005
  40. Child trafficking: the worst face of the world - Silvia Scarpa, September 2005
  41. Life in the world of shadows: the problematic of illegal migration - Jörg Alt , September 2005
  42. Indifference, impotence, and intolerance: transnational Bangladeshis in India - Sujata Ramachandran, September 2005
  43. Unequal access to foreign spaces:  how states use visa restrictions to regulate mobility in a globalised world - Eric Neumayer, September 2005
  44. Global care chains: a critical introduction - Nicola Yeates, September 2005
  45. Public policies and community services for immigrant integration: Italy and the European Union - Paolo Ruspini, September 2005
  46. Global governance for migration and the environment: what can we learn from each other? - Jessica F. Green and Colleen Thouez, September 2005
  47. Formalizing the informal economy: Somali refugee and migrant trade networks in Nairobi - Elizabeth H. Campbell, September 2005
  48. Ghanaian migrants’ double engagement: a transnational view of development and integration policies - Valentina Mazzucato, October 2005
  49. Employment and integration of refugee doctors in Scotland - Emma Stewart, October 2005
  50. International migration and livelihoods in southeast Nigeria - Chinedum Nwajiuba, October 2005
  51. Impulsar el desarrollo a través de la circulación del conocimiento: una mirada distinta a las migraciones de los mexicanos altamente calificados - Gabriela Tejada Guerrero and Jean-Claude Bolay, October 2005

    Enhancing development through knowledge circulation: a different view of the migration of highly skilled Mexicans - Gabriela Tejada Guerrero and Jean-Claude Bolay, November 2005

  52. Entre logiques et utilités entrepreneuriales: les négociants migrants originaires d’Afrique subsaharienne installés à Liège, Belgique - Aly Tandian, October 2005
  53. Crisis in the countries of origin and illegal immigration into Europe via Italy - Maria Concetta Chiuri, Giuseppe De Arcangelis and Giovanni Ferri, October 2005
  54. Migrations internationales estudiantines, internationalisation de l’enseignement supérieur et fuite des cerveaux - Ibrahima Amadou Dia, November 2005
  55. De l’utilité de genre dans les politiques et les programmes de prévention du sida dans le contexte migratoire - Ibrahima Amadou Dia, November 2005
  56. De l’intégration des immigrés: le discours et la méthode - Ali Jaouani, December 2005