Global RCP Meetings

Global Consultations of Chairs and Secretariats of Principal Regional Consultative Processes on Migration, also known as Global RCP Meetings (or GRCP Meetings), have been organized since 2005, bringing together representatives of Chairs and Secretariats of the main ISCMs (RCPs, IRFs and global processes) to:

  1. foster synergies and exchanges, share information, experiences and good practices on a range of migration topics;
  2. contribute to improved policy coherence at the national and regional levels and promote convergence in migration policy in different regions;
  3. strengthen collaboration among RCPs / IRFs, and enhance their interaction with global processes on migration, thus contributing to policy dialogue on migration at the global level; and
  4. strengthen collaboration among the various ISCM secretariats. 

The First GRCP Meeting was organized in 2005, and hosted by IOM and the Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM) in Geneva, Switzerland.  Since then, IOM has pursued the holding of GRCP Meetings on a regular basis, mostly biennially.

Each GRCP Meeting built on the outcomes of the previous GRCP Meetings.  The scope of discussions in the GRCP Meetings has expanded to include collaboration on addressing the changing migration dynamics given their increasing complexity. 

IOM acts as technical secretariat for the Global RCP Meetings.  

First Global RCP Meeting
In 2005, IOM and the former Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM) brought together the chairing governments and secretariats of nine RCPs. Participants at this consultation agreed on the value of such interactions and emphasized the importance of holding more meetings of this nature in future, while favouring a flexible rather than institutionalized approach.

Second Global RCP Meeting
Hosted by the Royal Thai Government in collaboration with IOM in 2009, the meeting brought together more than 60 participants, primarily representatives of chairing governments and secretariats of 13 RCPs. In follow up to one of the key recommendations of the meeting, IOM launched a comprehensive section dedicated to RCPs on its website. This space acts as a platform to voluntarily share and access information on each others’ activities and workplans, thereby facilitating cross-fertilisation across regions.1 A second recommendation of this 2009 meeting was that global RCP meetings be held on a biennial basis.

Third Global RCP Meeting
Hosted by the Government of Botswana in collaboration with IOM in 2011 under the broad theme of Enhancing Cooperation on Migration through Dialogue and Capacity Building, the  meeting was attended by some 75 representatives of chairing governments and secretariats of RCPs. The current, former and incoming Chairs of Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) were also in attendance. Participants suggested concrete tools for capacity-enhancement and exchanged views on the interaction of RCPs with complementary mechanisms for international cooperation on migration at regional level, as well as the relationship with the GFMD and expectations for the upcoming 2013 United Nations High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development (HLD). Participants also discussed the potential of RCPs to contribute to evidence-based policymaking on contemporary migration challenges.

Fourth Global RCP Meeting
Hosted by the Government of Peru in collaboration with IOM in May 2013, it focused on the theme of Defining the Place of RCPs in a Changing International Migration Landscape. The meeting facilitated the sharing of experiences and the exchange of views on the value and benefits of cooperation and dialogue on migration, in particular with respect to how global migration challenges could be addressed at the regional level. Taking place against the backdrop of the 2013 High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development (HLD), the meeting provided a valuable platform for reflection on potential synergies with other processes and fora that deal with migration at the global and inter-regional level. 

The Fourth Global RCP Meeting resulted in specific recommendations for the UN Secretary General and the UN General Assembly consideration in the context of the 2013 United Nations High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development (UN HLD) thus further contributing to the inclusion of migration in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

Fifth Global RCP Meeting
The Meeting was hosted by the League of Arab States in Cairo, Egypt on 21-22 October 2015 under the broad theme of “Exploring Contemporary Migration Challenges: Reflecting on the Outcomes of the 2013 High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development.”  Discussions focused on the role of the RCPs in (i) Protecting the Human Rights of all Migrants; (ii) Addressing Forced Migration, Mixed Migration Flows, Protection at Sea, and Migrants Caught in Countries in Crisis; (iii) Addressing Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Migration; and (iv) Strengthening Public Confidence in Migration Policy and Practice.  One of the recommendations of the meeting was that RCPs have agreater role to play in the attainment of migration-related sustainable development goal (SDG) targets.  

Sixth Global RCP Meeting
Was hosted by IOM on 13 October 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland, on the occasion of IOM’s 65th Anniversary.  Under the broad theme of “Migration and the Sustainable Development Goals: the Role of Inter-state Consultation Mechanisms on Migration and of Regional Economic Organizations,” the proceedings focused on migration in the 2030 Agenda; the roles of RCPs, IRFs, Regional Economic Organizations and UN RECs in contributing to the attainment of the 2030 Agenda’s sustainable development goals (SDGs); and potential areas for cooperation and partnerships at the regional level towards attainment of the SDGs.  The number of participating entities was expanded to include other important regional actors – regional economic organizations and UN Regional Economic Commissions – to share their expertise and plans vis-à-vis the attainment of the SDGs in the context of migration. 

More information about each of the Global RCP Meetings can be found on the respective Meeting page referred to under the Key Events section on top right.

Seventh Global RCP Meeting
The Seventh Global RCP Meeting is provisionally planned to be held on 10-11 October 2017, in Geneva, Switzerland.  It will focus on the contributions of Inter-state Consultation Mechanisms on Migration (ISCM) – whether regional (RCPs), inter-regional (IRFs) or global – to the preparatory process of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM).”