Short Films

El Dia de la Virgen

24 min. | Short, Drama | April 2016 (Palestine)
Available from the 10 to the 24 of June 

A divided family in a divided land. Who are “Sarah,” “George” and “Lucas”? In an un-named city—which could be anywhere from Belfast to Belgrade to Jerusalem to Johannesburg—a civilian population lives as if under siege. Yet the three characters love and learn together, cry and yearn together seeking ways to live together, too. This fine film, directed by Louise Heem, will open your eyes.


In search for employment and a brighter future, Aneni migrated from Zimbabwe and works as a cleaner at a dance school in the UK. She can just about survive with her meagre pay, but it is not enough to support her little girl back home. Already struggling to keep head above water, she accrues debt and attempts to fnd ways to earn extra money. This film depicts the life of young Aneni, struggling to make ends meet but drawn into a dark underworld. In her desperate hope to survive, she is mistreated by the system and those around her.