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Explore and Understand the Technical Images around Migration Flows to Europe.

The Migrating Image

28 min. | Documentary | 2018 Global Migration Film Festival (Denmark)
The film will be available from 8 July till 22 July.

This extraordinary work by Danish critic Stefan Kruse Jørgensen uses satellite imagery, drone footage and amateur and professional photography (and videography) to weave a stunning narrative. Much of the imagery is shot by government agencies, some by working journalists, others by activists. All of it is powerful. The medium here truly is the message, although the unseen hand of the human hearts and minds that conceived the imagery and captured the drama also lie in plain sight. This film will make you cheer, and cry. And, most of all, think.

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So far we have recorded over 1500 screenings of four Lockdown Film Club offerings since launching this initiative in April.

This week, the Lockdown Film Club continues with another 2018 selected film, the short feature, The Migrating Image.

IOM’s Lockdown Film Club began as an initiative to keep us all entertained, educated and connected to the issue we care so much about: migration.

Especially now, with COVID-19 forcing such hardship on migrants and other vulnerable peoples worldwide—while forcing ourselves to remain at home, away from opportunities to collaborate with our colleagues in person. 

With so many of us remaining isolated at home, away from the workplace and the migrants we serve, individual filmmakers have generously allowed us to stream their films without charge.



Our current selection is available for free screening until 22 July, two Wednesdays from today, when IOM’s Lockdown Film Club will offer a new selection (or possibly two).

The Migrating Image presents the frontlines of 2015’s Mediterranean migration emergency, from the boats rescued (and capsized) at sea to the migrants’ summer marathon across Europe’s Balkans and on into Germany. The images are shocking, uplifting exciting, painful and exhilarating. And, most of all, authentic. This is journalism as true documentary artistry.

More than ever, we all need to concentrate on countering the stigma afflicting the vulnerable, the displaced and the bereft in these trying times, especially those living far from their own homes and families. Our films for offer celebrate social cohesion and cooperation despite differences between cultures and nationalities.

Click here to watch The Migration Image.