The Virtual Reality Film Competition


Motion pictures play an integral part of informing and provoking debate. Virtual reality however, gives the user an enhanced experience transporting you for instance from an office environment in Belgium to surroundings of a young girl who had been internally displaced by an earthquake in Indonesia, or a man who had just opened a tailor shop after his return to Chad from Libya or the surroundings of a former victim of trafficking who has been reunited with her family. Virtual Reality allows the user to be immersed into an environment that is being generated allowing the him or her to get the complete experience of the context. 

‘Through the Eyes of a Migrant’ – Virtual Reality Film Competition is part of the Global Migration Film Festival (GMFF) launched with the aim of exploring migration through innovative technologies.  

Launched by IOM in 2016, the objective of the GMFF is to use films as educational tools that influence perceptions of and attitudes towards migrants bringing attention to particular social issues and highlighting the challenges and promises of migration. The Global Migration Film Festival has been present in over 100 countries across the globe bringing together over 30,000 people as part of its audience including in impromptu settings amongst the midst of emergencies in countries like South Sudan and Yemen.   


Young people are invited to submit a 1-minute (max) video pitch of their stories about migration and/or what migration means to them. The 10 selected participants with the best stories will progress to a series of virtual reality webinars training in early 2019 accompanied with a virtual reality kit, which the participants will use to produce a 3-5 minute virtual reality film. These films will be screened as part of the Global Migration Film Festival 2019.  


Young people between the ages of 15 – 30 who are from and resident in eligible countries are invited to be part of this Virtual Reality Film Competition. Please find a list of eligible countries here.  


All pitches should be a 1 minute video (max) of good video and audio quality in English language or subtitled in English (as the all communications pertaining to the Film Festival will be carried out with English as a main language).  The pitches should detail a story line for your idea of migration.  


Send a YouTube link of your pitch to with the completed form below.

Virtual Reality Pitch Submission Form

Deadline: 14th February 2019


IOM’s definition of ‘Migration’ and a ‘Migrant’ 

IOM Definition of “Migration” 

Migration - The movement of a person or a group of persons, either across an international border, or within a State. It is a population movement, encompassing any kind of movement of people, whatever its length, composition and causes; it includes migration of refugees, displaced persons, economic migrants, and persons moving for other purposes, including family reunification. 

IOM Definition of “Migrant” 

IOM defines a migrant as any person who is moving or has moved across an international border or within a State away from his/her habitual place of residence, regardless of (1) the person’s legal status; (2) whether the movement is voluntary or involuntary; (3) what the causes for the movement are; or (4) what the length of the stay is.