Short Film Category

First Place 
Directed by: Sylvia Le Fanu 

28 min. | Documentary | 2018 Global Migration Film Festival (Denmark)
The film will be available from 8 July till 22 July.

This extraordinary work by Danish critic Stefan Kruse Jørgensen uses satellite imagery, drone footage and amateur and professional photography (and videography) to weave a stunning narrative. Much of the imagery is shot by government agencies, some by working journalists, others by activists. All of it is powerful. The medium here truly is the message, although the unseen hand of the human hearts and minds that conceived the imagery and captured the drama also lie in plain sight. This film will make you cheer, and cry. And, most of all, think.

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21 min. | Short, Drama | 2018 Global Migration Film Festival (South Korea)
Available from the 24 June to 8 July

At the northern border between North Korea and China, Dooman River is a place of both hope and dread for the thousands of North Korean “defectors” who attempt its crossing every year. It has the power to deliver a second chance, but often at a fearsome cost. This thrilling, suspenseful vignette takes place for one North Korean family on a single day, almost in real time. The short film displays comedy, satire and terror in equal measures and ends with a remarkable message, illustrating what the world’s most vulnerable migrants must risk for a chance of a future without repression. ‘The Other Side of Dooman River’ was the third place winner in 2018. 

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Feature Film Category

The Kitchen of Las Patronas

First Place
Directed by: Javier Garcia 

A thousand girls like me

Second Place
Directed by: Sahra Mani