Extending Assistance in Indonesia

Fifty-year-old Pakistani asylum-seeker Naeem Mahmood Khan is doing his part to help those struggling with TB.

“I’ve been receiving food, clothing, housing assistance and medicine from IOM since I arrived in Indonesia with my wife, two children and my father who is suffering from heart disease, in November 2012.

It has inspired me and my family to want to help other migrants here.

I’m a health cadre and peer supporter for migrants with special illnesses. I am always telling people that if they need help, just knock on our door. Do not be afraid to bother us even if it’s sleeping time.

We’re already supporting four people with TB, from the moment they were diagnosed until the day they are declared free from TB. I help the nurse to find places for people with DOTS (directly observed treatment, short-course) therapy to live, help with the consultations with the pulmonologist and my wife cooks to make sure they eat properly.

When I talk to others I tell them not to be afraid of helping TB patients. Just use a mask and you’ll be safe.

All of the migrants here are family regardless of where you came from; we need to help each other. Love your neighbor, love your migrant brothers and sisters."