Identity Management

IOM assists States in assessing and improving the security of their identity documents, especially travel documents, and related issuance and management systems, with a focus on effective, robust and internationally compliant processes. The IBM Team is committed to put in place full identity management chains, from the delivery of reliable breeder documents such as birth certificates to the handing out of secure identity and travel documents. 

IOM is a member of three International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) working groups: the Implementation Capacity-building Working Group, the New Technologies Working Group, and the Technical Advisory Group.

For further information, please consult:

ICAO Guide for Assessing Security of Handling and Issuance of Travel Documents:

  • Executive Overview (EN | FR)
  • Part 1: Best Practices (January 2010) (EN | FR)
  • Part 2: Assessment Guide (January 10 2010) (EN | FR)

Information Sheet: New IOM Programming Opportunities for Project Development in the field of Legal Identity EN