Arnon Mantver

Director of JDC Israel, Chair of the Board of the Center for International Migration and Integration (CIMI)

Arnon Mantver has been Director of JDC Israel, the Israel arm of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, since 1995. JDC Israel innovates, develops, and implements services for Israel’s needy populations, in partnership with government, municipalities, and NGO’s.

Arnon has devoted his professional career to immigration and integration of newcomers to Israel, to advancing social services, and to fostering partnerships between Israel and its diaspora communities.

His involvement led to his appointment, in 1989, as Director-General of the Jewish Agency’s Immigration and Absorption Department at the time of mass immigration from the former Soviet Union (FSU) and Ethiopia. Mr. Mantver and his department played a key role in receiving, relocating, and integrating hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

Arnon established CIMI in 1989 to provide capacity-building activities and service development for migrant populations, focusing on Immigrant Integration, Diaspora-Homeland Partnerships, and Temporary and Forced Migration in Israel.
Arnon has a BA in Social Studies and a Masters in Communications from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a graduate of the Management Course for Senior Executives in State and Local Government at the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government.