The Manila Administrative Centre is IOM’s global administrative hub based in the Philippines which provides a range of administrative services mainly covering human resources, finance, legal affairs, procurement, and supply, staff safety and security, audit, publications and research, migration health, project monitoring, online communications and IT. View the current MAC vacancies.

Global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Operations Center

The Global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Operations Center facilitates the implementation of the ICT Strategy and translates functional and operational requirements into the effective and efficient implementation of information and communications technology solutions, focusing on improving the management of information and resources, identifying business requirements, and establishing effective service delivery and support. 

Global Migration Health Support Unit (MHS)

The Global Migration Health Support Unit (MHS) is part of the Migration Health Division which provides global health research, health informatics, teleradiology, and financial support services to Missions, Regional Offices, Headquarters and partners, and donors. Through these functions, MHS contributes to the quality and standards of migration health programmes and projects worldwide and also facilitates monitoring and evaluation therein. 

Manila Financial Services (MFS)

The Manila Financial Services composed of several units, is responsible for providing global financial services including accounting, budget, treasury, PRISM roles and authorizations, and financial management support to IOM field offices. 

Manila Human Resources Operations (MHRO) and Administrative Services

The Manila Human Resources Operations (MHRO) and Administrative Services are responsible for the personnel administration of international Professional staff worldwide and personnel in Switzerland; recruitment process for international Professional positions worldwide and General Service positions in Headquarters; payroll process for all international Professional staff worldwide and personnel in Switzerland and the Philippines; and the pension administration for IOM staff and retirees worldwide participating in UNJSPF. MHRO also provides occupational health services, administrative services related to health and other insurances, staff development, performance management, and other global HR support services such as reporting, automation, and communications. 

Manila Supply Chain Unit (MSCU)

The Manila Supply Chain Unit (MSCU) is responsible for implementing the policies and assist with training and dissemination of procurement best practices, under the direction of the Chief, Procurement and Supply Chain Division. GPSU provides advisory, back-office, and field support procurement services on IOM’s projects implemented worldwide, both regular and emergency-related. Among others, it provides guidance and advice on IOM’s procurement policy, e.g. it assists missions in developing procurement strategies, reviewing solicitation documents, proposals and contracts. 

MCU's Online Communications Unit/MCU Manila (OCU)

Online Communications Unit/MCD Manila (OCU), as a delocalized portion of the Media and Communications Unit, is responsible for IOM strategic online communications and digital platforms, providing support through online communication strategies and the production of digital content. It also manages the editorial content and design/development of IOM external websites (directly managing IOM global websites and guiding and supporting over 200 websites from regional offices, missions and projects) and other digital platforms. The unit advocates globally for online communications as an outreach tool to engage with external audiences. MCU´s OCU advises HQ and missions on IOM’s online corporate communications and provides guidance and support to close to 300 focal points in regional offices, missions, and relevant units to use harmonized templates and apply editorial and technical quality standards. In close coordination with MCU News in Geneva, the unit also contributes to the editing, processing, and distribution of the media briefings, which are sent to all IOM staff and some 20,000 external subscribers worldwide. 

The unit is also responsible for the online Media Library, which compiles an archive of downloadable IOM photos and videos. 

MCU´s OCU also ensures the monitoring and analysis of the performance and audience reach of IOM external digital platforms and implements the needed editorial and technical actions to position IOM digital platforms in Google and other search engines. 

Movement Systems Support (MSS)

The Movement Systems Support Unit (MSS) is composed of the Airline Invoice Settlement Section (AISS) and the Data Monitoring Section (DMS). MSS is responsible for maintaining the Movement Support Site which is the point of reference for all Operations personnel worldwide, expediting the settlement of airline invoices, monitoring refunds, identifying discrepancies related to unused tickets, etc. It is the focal point for "troubleshooting" escalated issues related to the iGATOR application & is responsible for the iGATOR accounts maintenance, MSS also promotes compliance to the Standard Operating Procedures among 107 Global Operations Offices. 

Occupational Health Unit (OHU) Manila

The Occupational Health Unit (OHU) Manila provides regular occupational health services for employees and dependents in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Oceania, and monitors the health of staff throughout employment. It recommends adaptation measures of the post to the capabilities of staff in view of their physical and mental health; reviews and assists staff with health travel preparedness and approves official travel clearance, as well as approves the admission of employees in medical insurance plans and identifies exclusions. OHU monitors sick leave cases, malicious acts cases, and occupational cases; conducts health and safety risk assessments in Missions and proposes mitigating measures; and remains on call to manage medical evacuations and follow-up with hospital doctors. OHU also monitors cases during the pandemic and facilitates employees' and dependents’ access to vaccinations. 

Office of Legal Affairs, Manila Unit (LEGCR-MU)

The Office of Legal Affairs, Contract Division, Manila Unit (LEGCR-MU) is considered an integral part of the Department of Legal Affairs (LEG). Within LEG, the Contract Division (LEGCR), through its Units in Manila and Panama City, reviews and approves the conclusion of contracts and similar agreements for IOM as provided for in IN/99 Rev.2 and IN/284. LEGCR provides legal advice on all kinds of contracts necessary for IOM’s operations and activities, including public and private donor funding agreements, contracts for the purchase of goods and services, project implementation agreements, and cooperation agreements with partners. LEGCR supports missions and headquarters units to structure agreements, including suggesting correct templates to use and advising on appropriate contractual provisions. It also gives legal advice on contractual issues including termination and disputes. 

Office of Staff Security (OSS)

The Office of Staff Security (OSS) advises the Office of the Deputy Director General for Management and Reform on all safety and security matters affecting IOM personnel, projects, programmes, property & premises. Collaborating closely with the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) and within UN Security Management System (SMS), OSS directly monitors issues that affect the safety and security of IOM interests globally. OSS has its Global Security Operation Centre (OSS OPCEN) in Manila. 

Research and Publications Unit (RPU)

The Publications (PUB) is part of the Migration Research and Publications Unit in Headquarters under the Department of Policy and Research. The Unit supports the production of IOM’s main publications through editing, layout and cover design, coordination with printers, distribution of publications to field offices, sending out electronic alerts on new publications, and managing the Publications page in the intranet and the Publications Platform. The unit also provides administrative and financial monitoring assistance to the Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (GMDAC) and Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) team in Berlin and Headquarters, respectively. 

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

Office of the Inspector General (OIG), consisting of three units (Internal Audit, Evaluation, and Investigation) which report directly to the Director General in Geneva. Part of the Internal Audit is being hosted by the Manila Administrative Centre (MAC). 

The Office of the Inspector General contributes to the oversight and internal control of the Organization through its functions of Internal Audit, Monitoring, and Evaluation, Investigations, and Inspection. It conducts internal audits, including compliance, performance, and management audits, and undertakes investigations of IOM’s activities worldwide. 

  • Internal Audit provides an independent, objective, reasonable assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the Organization’s operations. It helps IOM accomplish its objectives and maintain a strong internal control framework through a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and overall management processes. 
  • Evaluation undertakes and promotes thematic evaluations of IOM policies, strategies, and/or programmes; evaluates the performance and success of selected programmes and projects; promotes the use of evaluation findings and recommendations in policy and programme formulation within the Organization; oversees the evaluation function in IOM and promote the inclusion of an evaluation component in IOM programmes and projects; develops and/or adjusts evaluation guidelines and methods applied for programme evaluation throughout the Organization; and reinforces partnership and participation in networks for evaluation with bilateral and multilateral Organizations. 
  • Investigation provides independent, objective assurance, systematic review, and advice to add value and improve programme/project design, delivery, and operations to IOM through administrative investigations and inspections. 
MAC Resource Management Unit (RMU)

MAC Resource Management Unit (RMU) provides services to MAC units in the areas of human resources (local employees), finance, accounting, procurement, logistics, staff travel, common services, and project monitoring. The unit coordinates annual budget submission for MAC, ensures appropriate internal controls in the area of its responsibilities, initiates and implements administrative procedures and practices for MAC, safeguards organizations’ assets, monitors MAC OSI and Admin budgets.

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