Manolo Abella

Manolo Abella is a Senior Research Associate of COMPAS, University of Oxford, and co-chairs WB KNOMAD TWG on Low Skilled Workers.  He was a former Director of the International Migration Programme of the ILO where he steered the organization’s work in assisting member states to improve their policies on labour migration. He led the work that led to the adoption by the international body of a "Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration".

He has written extensively on migration especially in Asia and the Middle East has served on the advisory boards of Oxford’s Centre for Migration Policy and Society, and Sussex University’s Migrating out of Poverty Program. He co-authored the book “Managing Labor Migration in the Twenty-first Century” published by Yale University.

His more recent publications include "Global Competition for Skills and Talents" Journal of International Affairs, Summer 2015; "Migration Transition in Asia: revisiting theories in the light or recent evidence” in Battistella (ed) Global and Asian Perspectives on International Migration (Springer 2014; "The Migration of Professionals in an Integrating East Asia" (2012, ISIS Singapore), "The US and Japan’s Immigration Dilemmas in Comparative Perspective" (2012 ABS), Effects of Labour Mobility: An Analysis of Recent International Development Literature ( 2012, IIPJ).