Community Stabilization Programme Fuses Income Generation and Drama Skills Training to Combat Human Trafficking

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South Africa / Africa and Middle East

IOM Pretoria in partnership with the Mothertongue Project has
produced "Sold Inside", a documentary that portrays the experiences
of 26 beneficiaries of an innovative income-generation programme.
The 30-minute documentary relates the experiences of participants
who received grants to establish small income-generating activities
and highlights the theatre skills training undertaken as part of
the programme.

The project, which targeted women aged 16 to 30 years from four
of South Africa's provinces including Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga,
Limpopo and KwaZulu Natal, aimed at addressing the very factors
which make these rural women vulnerable to trafficking, through the
creation of sustainable income generating activities.

As part of the programme, beneficiaries also received theatre
training designed to empower the women through drama skills and to
instill the confidence essential to starting their own

The documentary, "Sold Inside" showcases public performances of
skits with trafficking themes and performed by the women at
locations such as schools, market places and public transport
areas. The documentary will be used as an additional
counter-trafficking outreach tool for organizations and individuals
in the region, especially in areas where literacy levels are

"I had never done drama before, I had never been in front of a
large audience acting. I am feeling proud to teach people the
knowledge they didn't know about trafficking, even me, I didn't
know about human trafficking before," said a beneficiary from the
Eastern Cape. All the participants are now conducting outreach to
schools, churches, market places and in other public spaces in
their communities to educate people about human trafficking.

To ensure ongoing mentoring and support for the beneficiaries,
IOM partnered with NGOs in the four provinces including the
Barnabas Trust in the Eastern Cape, Nelspruit Community Forum in
Mpumalanga, and Centre for Positive Care in Limpopo and the KwaZulu
Regional Christian Council in KwaZulu Natal. These four NGOs
provided both basic and advanced business skill training to
programme participants. The NGOs continue to play a pivotal role in
ensuring the sustainability of the business ventures due to their
physical presence and local knowledge in the respective

From interviews conducted with the participants, it is clear
that the economic stabilization project has been more than an
economic empowerment exercise; it has transformed the women as
individuals. One beneficiary from KwaZulu Natal said, "The training
has helped me a lot…I am now running a catering business and
I already catered for a birthday party and made a good profit." She
hopes to start her own restaurant before the end of the year and
has already identified three possible locations for her

The project was administered by IOM's Southern African Counter
Trafficking Assistance Programme (SACTAP) with funding from the US
government's Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration.

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