Documenting migrants’ stories through smartphones

The smartphone, deeply integrated in our lives, is a powerful tool to document the world around us and share it with a wider audience to change perceptions on certain topics. As the world’s leading migration agency, IOM can help document and share, in innovative ways, the benefits of migration and help promote the positive contributions migrants bring to their own families as well as to their host countries.

The #MigrantHeroes Smartphone Film Competition is a new IOM initiative to collect films shot on smartphones that tell migrant stories from around the  world. Selected films will  compete for the 5th Olleh International Smartphone Film Festival (OISFF)’s  special “Migrant Heroes Prize.” IOM is officially sponsoring the OISFF in 2015.

The competition will go public through social media platforms under the tag #MigrantHeroes and #OISFF. It will nominate submitted films as candidates for the festival’s special Migrant Heroes Prize of USD2000, and for the festival’s official USD10,000 grand prize. The winning films will be screened at a movie theatre in Seoul throughout September and October this year.

A 2-minute film compilation of a selection of the films submitted will be screened at IOM’s 65th Anniversary in Geneva, and possibly at the opening ceremony of the OISFF. Participation within IOM offices worldwide is strongly encouraged to capture the different perspectives towards migrants in their respective regions.

(To learn more about Migrant Heroes Prize, please visit http://www.ollehfilmfestival.com/5th/eng/program/competition.php)   

For information & technical assistance at all stages, contact:

Eunjin Jeong

Communications Officer at IOM Seoul

Media & Communications Division, HQ  MediaHQ@iom.int  

Geraldine D'Hoop, IOM Belgium

Submitting smartphone films


Smartphone films, shot by IOM staff worldwide or the general public, can range in length: extreme-shorts (from 1 second to 1 minute), shorts (from 1 to 10minutes) or feature films of over 50 minutes; and should be submitted in H.264/ .MOV, .MP4, or .WMV digital files smaller than 500MB.

Films should be uploaded onto IOM Facebook, Twitter & YouTube accounts with the hashtag #MigrantHeroes #OISFF, and onto the OlSFF website at http://www.ollehfilmfestival.com/5th/eng/contest/submission_competition.php  

After the submission deadline, Media & Communications focal points around the world will forward to HQ a selection of videos from their regions to produce a short compilation which will be shared on social media and screened at official events.

About the #MigrantHeroes campaign

IOM’s #MigrantHeroes campaign aims to highlight the many ways in which migrants contribute to society by showcasing their positive impact around the world through the collection of migrant heroes’ stories.

The #MigrantHeroes Campaign will run throughout 2015, culminating in the presentation of 10 prominent and compelling Migrant Heroes stories at the IOM Council in November 2015. Three selected Migrant Heroes will become IOM Goodwill Ambassadors who will promote the need to create a positive environment for migrants, protect them and ensure their place and contributions to our societies are recognized. This message will be carried out throughout the Goodwill Ambassador’s area of action and/or professional activity with the aim of countering negative perceptions towards migrants.

For more information visit http://migrantheroes.iom.int/

About Olleh International Smartphone Film Festival

The OISFF, the biggest festival of its kind, was first launched in 2011 in South Korea, after the iconic filmmaker Park Chan-wook of Oldboy created a short, Night Fishing, on an iPhone 4. The film went on to win a Berlin Golden Bear Prize. “Olleh” is the brand slogan of KT Corporation, organizer of the OISFF and the largest communication service provider in the Republic of Korea. South Korea has one of the world's highest penetration rates for smartphones, with more than 80 percent of the population using the devices.

Last year, a diverse demographic group representing 43 countries, ranging from elementary school students to a 73-year-old man, submitted nearly 1,000 films for the 4th OISFF. This year, OISFF established a Migrant Heroes Prize to support IOM’s Migrant Heroes campaign.

For more information visit http://www.ollehfilmfestival.com/5th/eng/main.php