Migration and Border Management Assessments

IOM conducts migration and border management assessments that allow States to identify areas for development. Assessments focus on administration (resources, budget, recruitment and training), regulatory frameworks (policy, legislation and regional cooperation), operations (traveler processing, modalities of entry and residence, investigations, and processes for vulnerable migrants such as refugees, smuggled and trafficked persons), and information management systems (data management, alert lists, and passport and visa systems).

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Border and Migration Management for Development and Trade

IOM promotes a border management framework that seeks to improve national and international cooperation and coordination among all authorities and agencies involved in border management and trade facilitation, at times replicating the integrated border management approach. IOM offers States support in implementing an integrated approach to border management via intra-agency, inter-agency and international cooperation mechanisms.

Information Sheet: Border and Migration Management for Development and Trade EN FR SP

Border and Migration Management Policy

The International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Immigration and Border Management (IBM) Division offers guidance and expertise to States aspiring to improve their border and migration management procedures. To do so, IOM assists its Member States in reviewing and revising national and regional border management policies to better address border-related issues and ensure compliance with international standards. 

Information Sheet: Border and Migration Management Policy EN FR SP

Border and Security

Porous and insecure national borders are a key factor in the ability of terrorist groups to operate transnationally, and thus frustrate national counterterrorism efforts. When States are unable to track who is crossing their borders, analyse this information, identify falsified documents, or block the passage of migrants on watch-lists, their ability to combat terrorist activity is greatly diminished. IOM is able to assist governments in disrupting terrorist operations by improving border security, through training and capacity-building, the installation of MIDAS (see above), and the facilitation of international cooperation.

Information Sheet: Border Security EN FR SP