Tuberculosis: Stories of Resilience

Nineteen year old EM fled Afghanistan after being threatened by the local armed group (Taliban) that had already killed his cousin. He paid US$8,000 to be smuggled from Afghanistan through India and Malaysia to Indonesia.

A 22-year-old Pakistani national from a family of means, MH was forced to leave his country after being robbed and threatened by a local armed group where he lived.

Arjun greets the health workers at his follow-up with a warm Namaste, the wrinkles around his eyes prominently visible even with the mask covering part of his face. Then he begins describing his experience. “To feel it, you have to go through it,” Arjun says as he starts his story.

Aye Aye’s native region is the Ayeyrewady Delta in southern Myanmar, where she used to work as a rice paddy field labourer together with her husband. However, the family (they had two children) had no paddy field of their own.

It has been a long road back to good health, but 19-year-old Afghan refugee Ghulam Abbas is appreciative of the support he has received.

Fifty-year-old Pakistani asylum-seeker Naeem Mahmood Khan is doing his part to help those struggling with TB.

Augustino worked as a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) technical supervisor for Rubkona County prior to the South Sudan conflict that began in December 2013.

Abdul Kareem is a Syrian refugee, who used to live in Dara’a-Athroa’a village, with his wife and three kids. At that time, he worked as a greengrocer and as a truck driver to support his family.

Ayham, 25 years old, from Al Ghoutah Al Sharkiya was forced to abandon his country of origin, Syria, after being arrested because of his political beliefs. He said about the journey, “It wasn't easy for me and my wife to leave everything behind.

Mary has been living in the PoC for about two years, after fleeing her home in Koch County following the conflict that broke out in South Sudan in late 2013. She is one of four wives, and a mother of three children.