Migration Policy Practice (Journal)

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Eurasylum Ltd publish a bimonthly journal, Migration Policy Practice, which contributes articles from, and which is overseen by, policymakers in national, regional and international administrations, as well as from civil society, worldwide. The journal was founded on the premise that the majority of existing journals in the field of international migration are mostly targeted at the academic community and/or at specialized practitioners. Migration Policy Practice was established to offer a new medium for public officials and civil society to reflect and write about their day-to-day policy practice, their decisions and their experience, and to share such insights with like-minded colleagues nationally and internationally.

Migration Policy Practice (Vol. VII, Number 4, December 2017 - January 2018)

The focus of this edition of the Migration Policy Practice (MPP) is the World Migration Report 2018, which is the ninth in the series. Since 2000, IOM has been producing world migration reports to contribute to increased understanding of migration throughout the world. 

Migration Policy Practice (Vol. VII, Number 3, October-November 2017)

Number of Pages:  48 | ISSN: 2223-5248 | Year: 2017 | Electronic copy only

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has established the Migration Research Leaders Syndicate to support the development of the global compact for migration. The Syndicate comprises migration experts from around the world with deep knowledge of a wide variety of aspects of migration. The 36 Syndicate members and 9 advisers herald from all continents, encompassing origin, transit and destination country perspectives. Through initiatives such as this, IOM is providing the space and framework to enable leading migration experts to inform the global compact for migration process with the latest thinking in academic and applied research.

Migration Policy Practice (Vol. VII, Number 2, April–September 2017)

Number of Pages: 46 | ISSN: 2223-5248 | Year: 2017 | Electronic copy only

The new issue of Migration Policy Practice focuses on irregular migration and, in particular, on new ways to collect and analyse data in this major policy area. This special issue is particularly timely, given the current preparations for the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration, and the need expressed by the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants for enhanced data collection methods on both regular and irregular flows.

Migration Policy Practice (Vol. VII, Number 1, January–March 2017)

Number of Pages: 28 | ISSN: 2223-5248 | Year: 2017 | Electronic copy only

The new issue of Migration Policy Practice focuses on ways to improve data on international migration. The inclusion of migration in the new global development framework will pose several new challenges for national statistical systems around the world, which are already struggling to collect and analyse data on migration. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will require making better use of existing data sources, as well as developing new methods to collect data on migration.

Migration Policy Practice (Vol. VI, Number 4, October-December 2016)

Number of Pages: 36 |  Year: 2016 | Electronic copy only

The fifth special anniversary issue of Migration Policy Practice focuses on “safe migration”. Based on the situation in Europe and the neighbouring countries, it explores how data on both “safe” and “unsafe” migration could be collected in a more systematic fashion. The theme of this special issue was chosen, in particular, in response to the growing challenges faced by the international statistical community in finding ways to define and measure “safe” and “unsafe” migration, including within the framework of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that was adopted in 2015.

Migration Policy Practice "Special issue on Afghan displacement" (Vol. VI, Number 3, June-September 2016)

Number of Pages: 52 | Year: 2016 | Electronic copy only

Welcome to the new issue of Migration Policy Practice, a special edition on recent and ongoing trends on Afghan displacement. Guest edited by Marie McAuliffe, Head of Migration Policy Research at IOM Headquarters in Geneva, this special issue examines some of the key underlying Afghan displacement factors; current displacement data holdings; movements to Central Asia; Afghan integration in neighbouring Iran; decision-making in transit, return and reintegration to Afghanistan; and identity and sense of belonging of Afghan settlers.