Agreement on Monitoring Living Conditions in Temporary Installation Centre for Irregular Migrants

IOM, the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) and the Portuguese Ministry
of Interior have signed an agreement to ensure premises used for
the detention of irregular migrants awaiting deportation meet
humanitarian standards. 

The agreement applies to a soon- to- be-opened centre for
irregular migrants who have received a removal order.  The
centre, which will open later this spring in Porto, is the first in
Portugal to provide temporary accommodation and support for these
irregular migrants. Until now, migrants who had received an order
of expulsion were detained in prisons with ordinary criminals.

"IOM believes persons awaiting removal should be sheltered in
special facilities separate from ordinary criminals," says IOM's
Chief of Mission in Lisbon Monica Goracci. "This agreement does
this. It also ensures migrants have a right to free legal, medical
and social assistance and can be visited by family members."

The new centre, which will shelter up to 36 migrants for a
maximum of 60 days, will be managed and maintained by Portugal's
Border and Alien Service. IOM and JRS will set up a joint
monitoring commission, provide access to legal, medical and social
workers and will train cultural mediators, who will provide support
on a day-to-day basis to individuals and families. 

IOM staff will also provide up-to-date information on legal
procedures, steps and regulations for entry and permanent residence
in Portugal and the European Union.

For further information, please contact:

Monica Goracci

Chief of Mission, IOM Lisbon

Tel: +351 21 324 29 49

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