Armenia, EU Hold Policy Dialogue on Migration

Armenia  - A two-day high-level seminar designed to facilitate policy dialogue between Armenia and the EU on migration cooperation will open in Brussels on Monday (22/10).

The seminar “EU–Armenia Cooperation on Migration: The Mobility Partnership: One Year On”, which is supported by the European Union and the IOM Development Fund, is organised by IOM under the auspices of the European Commission and the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mobility partnerships are flexible and non-legally binding frameworks for well-managed movements of people between the EU and third countries. Their goal is to ensure, through dialogue and practical cooperation, that there is a responsible and joint management of migratory flows that protect the interests of the EU, the partner country and the migrants themselves.

The seminar is the first of three similar events planned for 2012-2013 and will be attended by Armenian officials in charge of migration management and representatives of EU member states dealing with external cooperation on migration.

Agenda topics will include enhanced cooperation on labour migration management issues among European destination countries and Armenia, with a particular focus on possible bilateral labour agreements and circular labour migration schemes. The EU and Armenia are currently negotiating visa facilitation and readmission agreements.

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